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(Last updated on November 17, 2018)


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Osborn RRA-1063 20' Intermodal Containers Package of 2 HO 7.50


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Osborn RRA-1004 Crossing Signals, Non Functional Kit HO 5.25
Osborn RRA-1005 Fishing Boat 16 Foot Set of 2 HO 9.99
Osborn RRA-1008 Hi-way Guardrails Contains 250 scale feet HO 9.99
Osborn RRA-1009 Canadian Railway Crossing Sign Transition Cross bucks Set of 5 HO 5.25
Osborn RRA-1010 Canadian Railway Crossing Sign Current Cross Bucks Set of 5 HO 4.50
Osborn RRA-1011 Road Signs HO 7.25
Osborn RRA-1012 Assorted Canadian Road Signs HO 9.99
Osborn RRA-1013 Commercial Fence 10' Tall HO 7.25
Osborn RRA-1014 Residential Fence 4' Tall-Contains 100 Scale Feet HO 6.50
Osborn RRA-1015 Wrapped Lumber Contains 6 units 2x4x8 HO 8.25
Osborn RRA-1016 Skids 20 Pack HO 7.50
Osborn RRA-1017 Dock Contains 4 12' Dock Sections HO 8.25
Osborn RRA-1018 Wire Reels 10 Pack HO 5.25
Osborn RRA-1020 Level Crossing Boards (4) HO 9.99
Osborn RRA-1021 Welcome Sign With Flower Box HO 5.75
Osborn RRA-1022 Park Bench HO 8.25
Osborn RRA-1024 Billboard HO 10.99
Osborn RRA-1025 Lakeside Country Cottage HO Unknown
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Osborn RRA-1026 Lake Side Cottage Garage HO 24.99




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