County Line Caboose Products

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(Last updated on November 17, 2018)


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Kana Model KANA-1010 CN Freight Shed Kit HO 28.00
Kana Model KANA-1012 CP Sandhouse Kit HO 45.00
Kana Model KANA-1014 Branchline Station CP Kit HO 63.00
Kana Model KANA-1015 Set of Three Company Houses HO 58.00
Kana Model KANA-1022 Grain Elevator Complex AWP Kit HO 120.00
Kana Model KANA-1031 Canadian National Freight House Kit HO 38.00
Kana Model KANA-1037 Canadian Pacific Oil House Kit HO 39.00
Kana Model KANA-1038 Engine Service Aux. Building Kit HO 54.00
Kana Model KANA-1040 Canadian National Portable Building Set (2) Kit HO 39.00
Kana Model KANA-1054 #2 Store House CP Kit HO 50.00
Kana Model KANA-1055 Sandhouse CN Kit HO 50.00
Kana Model KANA-1057 Canadian Pacific Freight House HO 55.00
Kana Model KANA-1065 Canadian Pacific 20K Enclosed Water Tank Kit HO 45.00
Kana Model KANA-1066 Canadian Pacific Meadowvale Station Kit HO 60.00
Kana Model KANA-1067 Coal & Ice Co. Coal Dock Kit HO 50.00
Kana Model KANA-1073 Canadian Nothern/Canadian National Combination Station/Section House HO 54.00
Kana Model KANA-4001 Two One Holder Privies HO 9.95
Kana Model KANA-4005 BC Electric Passenger Shelter HO 8.95
Kana Model KANA-4008 Two Holder Privy Kit HO 12.00
Kana Model KANA-4013 CPR Coal/Oil Shed Kit HO 15.00




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