County Line Caboose Products

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(Last updated on November 17, 2018)


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Rix Products 628-14 Uncoupling Tool HO 5.99
Rix Products 628-24 Uncoupling Tool Rix Pick N 5.49


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Rix Products 628-101 Early Highway Overpass 50' HO 12.25
Rix Products 628-102 1930's Overpass with Pier 50' Kit HO 21.99
Rix Products 628-103 Vintage Highway Ovverpass-Kit 150' scale with 4 Piers HO 45.15
Rix Products 628-104 1930's Early Railings 50' Kit HO 9.49
Rix Products 628-112 Modern Highway Overpass 50' with Pier Kit HO 18.75
Rix Products 628-122 Wrought Iron Highway Overpass W/Pier Kit HO 14.35
Rix Products 628-200 Rural Timber Overpass Kit HO 28.39
Rix Products 628-201 Maxwell Ave House Kit no Porch HO 19.65
Rix Products 628-202 Maxwell Ave Home with Front Porch HO 22.29
Rix Products 628-203 Maxwell Ave House with Side Porch Kit HO 23.15
Rix Products 628-204 Brick Porch w/Roof Kit HO 9.35
Rix Products 628-250 Old Henderson Warehouse HO 46.85
Rix Products 628-304 33 Foot Tall Corrugated Grain Bin Kit HO 25.09
Rix Products 628-305 44 Foot Tall Corrugated Grain Bin HO 30.65
Rix Products 628-32 Railroad Telephone Poles HO 5.89
Rix Products 628-407 Grain Elevator Kit HO 30.19
Rix Products 628-410 Quonset Hut Kit HO 22.29
Rix Products 628-410-B Quonset Hut Built and Weathered HO 25.00




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