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(Last updated on November 17, 2018)


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Atlas 150-400 Track Saw A 6.15
Atlas 150-401 All-Scales Rail Joiner Sidekick HO 6.09
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Bachmann 160-39015 Ballast Spreader with Shut off HO 37.25
Bachmann 160-39016 Ballast Spreader Car with Shutoff and Height Adjustment HO 64.99
Bachmann 160-39018 Cradle Mutli-Angle Rotating Tool HO 109.99
Denbur Hobby Brushes DEN-929B25 Hobby Brush, Fine Yellow (20) A 5.79
Denbur Hobby Brushes DEN-930B21 Hobby Brush, Superfine White (20) A 5.79
Denbur Hobby Brushes DEN-933B21 Hobby Bursh Ultra Blue (20) A 5.79
Excel 271-20011 #11 Blade Carded (5) A 2.19
Excel 271-55661 Swivel Head Pin Vise A 8.19
Excel 271-55778 12" Deluxe Model Reference Ruler A 14.99
Kadee Quality Products 380-237 Pliers Coupler Trip Pin A 22.45
Kadee Quality Products 380-239 Mark Five Gripper Prong Jaws A 11.59
Kadee Quality Products 380-334 Uncoupler Gluing Jig A Unknown
  • Backordered
KIN KIN-KTD01C00 Pinvise, Extra Long Twist Drills A 27.79
KIN KIN-KTDC-00 Pinvise with 12 Bits 6" A 13.99
Microbrush MIC-FINE Microbrush Fine (10 per Package) A 1.55
Microbrush MIC-MHF-100 Microbrush, Fine Bulk Pack of 100 Yellow A 5.99
Microbrush MIC-MHR-100 Microbrush, Regular Bulk Pkg 100 A 8.99
Microbrush MIC-MIR-100 Micro Brush Regular Green (100) A 8.99




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