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(Last updated on November 17, 2018)


  Manufacturer Product Number Description Scale Price    
Aline 116-13000 Weights, Lead Strips 1/2" A 8.39
Aline 116-13002 Weights, Lead Strips (6oz) A 7.15
Athearn 140-90111 Dogbone .660" Pkg of 6 HO 7.40
Athearn 140-90112 Dogbone .610" Pk of 6 HO 7.40
County Line Caboose CLC-GC-10 Gift Card $10 A 10.00
County Line Caboose CLC-GC-25 Gift Card $25 A 25.00
County Line Caboose CLC-GC-5 Gift Card $5 A 5.00
County Line Caboose CLC-GC-50 Gift Card $50 A 50.00
Kalmbach Publishing 400-68188 Trains Magazine 2018 Trains Across America Calendar A Unknown
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Miscellaneous Misc-Cards CP Playing Cards A 10.00
Miscellaneous MISC-CL-11407 Diecast Locomotive Key Chain A 4.25
Miscellaneous MISC-OPT-CDN150 Grain Hopper with Canada 150 Logo A 5.50
Miscellaneous MISC-OPT-CDNPARK Hat Pin-The Canadian Park Car A 3.95
Miscellaneous MISC-OPT-THB TH&B Hat Pin A 4.99
Miscellaneous MISC-Pin-Can150 Canada 150 Hat Pin A 5.50
Miscellaneous Weights HIL-WR31230 1/4oz Weights (stripe of 12) A 2.50
Miscellaneous Weights HIL-WR41215 1/2oz Weights (stripe of 12) A 4.50
Miscellaneous Whistles WIL-00051 Engineer Hat, Blue Stripe, Child Size A 11.99
Miscellaneous Whistles WIL-22 Whistle Wood Long Toot 1 Tone 6" A 4.45
Miscellaneous Whistles WIL-36 Wooden Train Activity Pk with Whistle A 8.89
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