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County Line Caboose Products

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(Last updated on April 19, 2017)


 ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionScalePrice
AM Models129-50136Pallets & Skids (36)HO8.99
Bachmann160-39109Oil Drums (24)HO27.69
Bachmann160-42102Telephone Poles (12)HO11.55
Bachmann160-46202Gandy Dancer Powered Hand Car-Standard DC-Various ColorsHO34.79
 Classic Metal Works221-20213Stack of 50-Pound Sacks Truck Load (2)HOUnknown
  • Backordered
 Juneco389-C106Pot Bellied Stove with PipesHO1.85
 Juneco389-C37Oil Drums (6)HO1.85
 Juneco389-C38Oil Drums on Stand 2/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C39Garbage Pails (6)HO1.85
 Juneco389-C41Wooden Box 6/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C42Shipping Crates (4)HO1.85
 Juneco389-C43Shipping Pallet (4)HO1.85
 Juneco389-C44Pails 6/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C50Assorted Tree Stumps 15/pkgHO5.70
 Juneco389-c51Assorted Wood Barrels 6/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C57Straight Broom 4/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C59Steel Square Shovel 4/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C60Round Shovel 4/pkgHOUnknown
  • Backordered
 Juneco389-C61Fire Hydrant 3/pkgHO1.85
 Juneco389-C68Sack-Leaning (6)HO1.85




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