County Line Caboose Consignment Product List

Store Hours

Monday - Friday

9:00am to 6:00pm
10:00am to 5:00pm
Open Holiday Mondays
For weekday appointments contact Carol in advance
Store may close earlier if weather conditions warrant

Contact Info

Please direct any comments or inquiries to one of the following destinations. We will be glad to provide you with any help we can.

Weekdays/Mobile: 519-807-2345
Weekends: 519-364-1390

Store Locator

We are located on Bruce County Road 10 in Grey County just 4.5 miles north of Hanover, Ontario. The store is located beside former CN flanger #56390 (looks a lot like a caboose!).

Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Carol Allen-Holtham

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Catalogue is under construction. If you don't find what you are looking for please contact us.
Items with "Unknown" prices are generally pre- or back-orders whose prices are not yet known.
(Last updated on August 3, 2011)


 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-28CN Plate Girder Bridge-150-12560013.00Unknown


 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-01Spectrum Variety Store-160-8800479.00Unknown
 9-80-06Community Hall-160-3510522.00Unknown


 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-32Basket Ball Court-189-105730.00Unknown

City Classics

 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-14105 Baum Blvd Art Deco Building195-10520.00Unknown
 9-80-17102 Penn Ave Tile Front Building-195-10220.00Unknown


 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-33Engine Crew Shanty-223-90339.00Unknown


 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-09DPM 1st National Bank-785-11820.00Unknown
 9-80-19Cutting Sissor Company-785-10320.00Unknown
 9-80-24Townhouse #2-785-11019.00Unknown
 9-80-25Townhouse #3-785-11119.00Unknown


 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-16Brownstone House #19-348-1910.00Unknown
 9-80-21Brownstone House #20-348-2010.00Unknown
 9-80-31Furniture Store-348-777420.00Unknown
 9-80-34Loew's Movie Theatre-348-4-779918.00Unknown

Micro Engineering

 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-30City Viaduct 90' Double Track-255-7551040.00Unknown

Model Power

 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-04Shell Service Station-490-54921.00Unknown
 9-80-05City Power Station No. 15-490-41630.00Unknown
 9-80-07Model Power Farm House-490-43325.00Unknown

Pike Stuff

 Product NumberDescriptionPriceUnknown
 9-80-11Service Garage Machine Shop-541-920.00Unknown
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