County Line Caboose HO Product List

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Monday - Friday
9:00am to 6:00pm
10:00am to 5:00pm
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Store may close earlier if weather conditions warrant

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Please direct any comments or inquiries to one of the following destinations. We will be glad to provide you with any help we can.

Weekdays/Mobile: 519-807-2345
Weekends: 519-364-1390

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We are located on Bruce County Road 10 in Grey County just 4˝ miles north of Hanover, Ontario. The store is located beside former CN flanger #56390 (looks a lot like a caboose!).

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Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Carol Allen-Holtham

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ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Bachmann160-46202Gandy Dancer HO29.99*
Model Power490-1681Signal Crossing19.39
Rix Products628-660Crossbuck & Milepost Set7.05

Adhesives And Lubricants

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Flash895-210Flash 1 oz De-bonder3.75*
Flash895-310Flash 1/2 oz Super Thin Glue2.99*
Flash895-320Flash 1/2 oz Medium Glue2.99*
Flash895-330Flash 1/2 oz Thick Glue2.99*
Labelle430-101Synthetic multi-purpose Oil-Very Light7.69
Labelle430-102Gear Oil Plastic Compatible7.69
Model Power490-12Smoke Fluid 4oz7.75
Plastruct570-2Plastic Weld Plastic Solvent Cement5.09*
Plastruct570-3Bondene Plastic Solvent Cement5.09
Squadron680-9055Green Putty4.49
Squadron680-9065White Putty4.49
Sylvan001Resin Prep4.95*
Testors704-3501Plastic Cement Tube1.99*
Walthers904-299Walthers Goo Adhesive4.39
Walthers904-470Solvaset Decal Setting Solvent4.75*
Woodland Scenics785-195Hob-E-Tac Adhesive6.35

Auto Scenes

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Woodland Scenics785-5521Hall & Duke16.25
Woodland Scenics785-5523Felix Fix-A-Flat16.65
Woodland Scenics785-5524Wayne Recker's Tow Service29.85
Woodland Scenics785-5525Family Vacation17.69
Woodland Scenics785-5526Lubeners Loading16.65
Woodland Scenics785-5528Willie's Warning27.39
Woodland Scenics785-5530Spoonin-N-Croonin'15.55
Woodland Scenics785-5531Rusty's Regret13.39
Woodland Scenics785-5533Suds & Shine16.65*
Woodland Scenics785-5534Pickem' Up Truck14.49
Woodland Scenics785-5535Sunday Drive16.65
Woodland Scenics785-5536Cruisin Coupes25.19
Woodland Scenics785-5537Cop'n a Kiss17.15
Woodland Scenics785-5538Henry's Haulin21.05
Woodland Scenics785-5540Gataway Gangsters28.95
Woodland Scenics785-5541Ike's Ice Cream Truck23.75


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Atlas150-13Seven Step by Step HO Railroads7.09
Atlas150-14HO King Size Plan Book11.95
Atlas150-9Beginners Guide to HO Model Railroading5.59
Boston Mills PressBook-3065Over the Hills to Georgian Bay24.95
Boston Mills PressBook-4023Canadian Pacific: Stand Fast, Craigellachie!47.99
BRMNA872-242Railways of Toronto Vol. 210.75
BRMNA872-243Enter Diesel-Exit Steam 8.79
BRMNA872-42Canadian Pacific in Southern Ontario Vol 27.45
BRMNA872-43C.P. In Southern Ontario Vol. 3 7.45
BRMNA872-83CN & CP in Northern Ont. Vol. 38.25
Brucedale PressBook-2201Rusty Rails-Soft Cover34.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBook-7104Hamilton's Other Railway55.99
Canadian Branchline MiniaturesBook-1533Steam Through London72.09
Canadian Branchline MiniaturesST-NSteam to the Niagara Frontier67.95
Canadian Branchline MiniaturesST-PSteam Over Palmerston59.95
Canadian Branchline MiniaturesST-STo Stratford Under Steam56.95
John R. HardyBook-4993Canadian Rail Travel-Hard Cover39.95
Kalmbach400-12012101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders15.25*
Kalmbach400-12037CLCreative Model Railroad Design-Clearance18.99
Kalmbach400-12141A Realistic HO Layout for Beginners22.49
Kalmbach400-12143Ho Trackside Structures You Can Build15.25
Kalmbach400-12148Track Planning For Realistic Operation25.15
Kalmbach400-12171Freight Cars Projects and Ideas24.09
Kalmbach400-12175How To Build Model Railroad Benchwork19.59*
Kalmbach400-12186How to Detail Diesel Locomotives25.25
Kalmbach400-12190Intermodal Equipment & Operations20.55
Kalmbach400-12194Scenery for Your M.R. From Backdrop to Table Top23.09
Kalmbach400-12197Basic Model Railroading18.59
Kalmbach400-12207Easy Model Railroad Wiring 2nd ED21.69
Kalmbach400-12210Maintaining & Repairing18.35
Kalmbach400-12212Basic Wiring for Model Railroaders19.25
Kalmbach400-12221Steam Locomotives Projects & Ideas22.59
Kalmbach400-12228Locomotive Servicing Terminals22.55
Kalmbach400-12229Small, Smart & Practical Track Plans22.49
Kalmbach400-12230Classic Layout Design20.95
Kalmbach400-12233Basic Scenery for Model Railroaders23.75
Kalmbach400-12234Trackside Scenes You Can Model26.15
Kalmbach400-12235Trackwork and Lineside Detail for Your Model Railroad22.95
Kalmbach400-12236Project Railroads You Can Build 20.49
Kalmbach400-12237Basic Model Railroad Track Plans19.85
Kalmbach400-12241Basic Model Railroad Benchwork25.15
Kalmbach400-12242DCC Made Easy16.69
Kalmbach400-12243The New Scenery Tips & Techniques21.79
Kalmbach400-12244Model RR's Guide to Passenger Equipment21.69
Kalmbach400-12246HO Scale Model Railroading Getting Started26.49
Kalmbach400-12247Basic Painting & Weathering 23.05
Kalmbach400-12248The Model Railroaders Guide to Freight Yards22.59
Kalmbach400-12249How to Build and Detail MR Scenes27.15
Kalmbach400-12250Realistic Model Railroad Design22.85
Kalmbach400-12254Basic Track Work For Model Railroaders23.05
Kalmbach400-12256MR's Guide to Industries Along the Tracks 219.69
Kalmbach400-12258Basic Structure Modeling24.49
Kalmbach400-12401Easy Model Railroading Booklets-Tables for Your Trains7.55
Kalmbach400-12402Easy Model Railroading Booklets-Tips on Track9.45
Kalmbach400-12403Easy Model Railroading Booklets-Basic Wiring9.45
Kalmbach400-12404Easy Model Railroading Booklets- Simple Scenery8.09
Kalmbach400-12405Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks22.05
Kalmbach400-12407DCC Projects & Applications20.75*
Kalmbach400-12408The Model Railroader's Guide to Junctions21.79
Kalmbach400-12410Planning Scenery for Your Model Railroad25.39
Kalmbach400-12412Basic Wiring for Model Railroaders 2nd Edition20.35
Kalmbach400-12417The DCC Guide20.35
Kalmbach400-12420Detailing Freight Cars19.35
Kalmbach400-12421Detailing Diesel Locomotives18.99
Kalmbach400-12425Painting Backdrops For Your Model Railroad19.29
Kalmbach400-12426How to Use an Airbrush Second Edition26.15
Kalmbach400-12450The Model Railroader's Guide to Freight Cars19.69
Kalmbach400-12452The MR's Guide to Bridges, Trestles & Tunnels22.95*
Kalmbach400-12453MR Guide to Coal Railroading20.25
Kalmbach400-12454How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes Vol 223.75
Kalmbach400-12456Modeling the '50s The Glory Years of Rail19.69
Kalmbach400-12458Done in a Day-Easy detailing and weathering projects23.75
Kalmbach400-14429Building A Ready-To-Run Model Railroad22.05
Kalmbach 400-12409Guide to Industries Along the Track #220.25
MiscellaneousBook-1101Canadian Pacific to the East59.95
Model RailroadingBook-DMG1Diesel Modeler's Guide Volume 114.95
Model RailroadingBook-DMG2Diesel Modeler's Guide Volume 214.95
Model RailroadingBook-IMG1Intermodal Modeler's Guide Volume 114.95
Model RailroadingBook-IMG2Intermodal Modeler's Guide Volume 214.95
Model RailroadingBook-PhotoMRG's Guide to Model Photography8.95
Morning SunBook-1163CN Steam In Northern Ontario & East Vol 168.79
Morning SunMS-1164Canadian National Steam In Color63.99
Morning SunMS-1285Canadian Railways Color Guide #162.99
Prairie Rails Publishing14-1Canadian Railcar Pictorial CP 40' Boxcars Vol. 119.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-10Canadian Railcar Pictorial Vol.7 CP Cvrd Hoppers19.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-101Canadian Diesel Pictorial CP Locos SD40-2 1965-9844.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-11Canadian Railcar Pictorial CN Covered Hoppers Vol 819.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-13Canadian Railcar Pictorial Vol. 10 CPR Piggybck-Intrmdl24.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-2Canadian Railcar Pictorial CNR 40' Boxcars Vol. 219.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-4Canadian Railcar Pictorial CP 50' + Boxcars Vol.319.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-7Canadian Railcar Pictorial CN 50' + Boxcars Vol. 4A19.95
Prairie Rails Publishing14-9Canadian Railcar Pictorial CN Stock & Refridge Vol. 624.95
Steamscenes100-CT2010Canadian Trains 2010 Calendar15.25
Walthers913-209Walthers HO 20079 catalogue15.99


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
CLC364-100Horn Hook Couplers (2) 1.89
Kadee380-11Couplers #5 (20 Pack)31.99
Kadee380-20European Coupler6.25
Kadee380-205Multi-Purpose Gauge Coupler Height Gauge7.09*
Kadee380-208Red Insulating Fiber Washers3.15
Kadee380-22Medium Over Set Shank Coupler5.45
Kadee380-23Kadee #23 Magne-Matic Talgo Truck Adaptor Kit5.89
Kadee380-231Greas-em Lubricant3.15
Kadee380-256Delrin Insulating Screws 2-56 x 1/2" Long2.15
Kadee380-26Kadee Magne-Matic Insulated Coupler Kit5.05
Kadee380-27Kadee #27 Magne-Matic Insulated Coupler Kit5.05
Kadee380-308Uncoupler, Under the Track Magnet5.35
Kadee380-321Kadee Magne-Matic Uncoupler-Between the Rails6.19
Kadee380-37Medium 9/32" Under Shank (2 Pair)4.79
Kadee380-38Kadee #38 Magne-Matic Small Gear Box Mounting5.25
Kadee380-39Long Over Set Shank5.25
Kadee380-403Screws, Coupler Mounting6.39
Kadee380-46#5 Zinc Long Ctr Gearbox & Spr4.45
Kadee380-5Kadee # 5 Magne-Matic Metal Couplers 2 pair3.25*
Kadee380-7Kadee #7 Magne-Matic Couplers 2 Pair4.79
Miscellaneous802-10027Horn Hook Couplers (2) 1.85
NMRA098-1NMRA HO Standards Gauge17.99*
Rix Products628-14Uncoupling Tool3.69*


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
CDS Lettering218-104CP 50' Double Door Box2.99
CDS Lettering218-106CP Bathtub Gondola2.99
CDS Lettering218-111VIA Diesel Locomotive3.49
CDS Lettering218-156CP Steam Loco Cab Heralds2.99
CDS Lettering218-194CP 50' Plug Door Boxcar2.99
CDS Lettering218-215CN 40' Double Door Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-216CP 40' Steel Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-218CP 50' Double Door Box Car (offset doors)2.99
CDS Lettering218-22Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo 40' Steel Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-228(a)CP Rail Extended Vision Caboose2.99
CDS Lettering218-234CN 40' Grain Box Car 1979 to early 1990's2.99
CDS Lettering218-259CP Rail Road Switcher-1st version3.49
CDS Lettering218-296CP Diesel Switcher2.99
CDS Lettering218-299CP Road Switcher3.49
CDS Lettering218-31CP Twin Hopper2.99
CDS Lettering218-389WP&Y DL535E Diesel Loco2.99
CDS Lettering218-41CN Tank Hopper 1973 to Present2.99
CDS Lettering218-412VIA F40PH-23.49
CDS Lettering218-433CN 61' Wood Chip Gondola2.99
CDS Lettering218-444CP 50' Auxillary Door Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-445CP 50' Auxillary Door Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-446CP Rail 50' Double Door Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-447CP Rail Triple Hopper2.99
CDS Lettering218-451CP Rail 40' Steel Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-452CP Rail 40' Steel Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-453CP Rail 40' Double Door Box Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-471(a)CP 40' Stock Car4.19
CDS Lettering218-539CN Slab Side Covered Hopper2.99
CDS Lettering218-543CP Slab Side Covered Hopper2.99
CDS Lettering218-556CN 65' Mill Gondola2.99
CDS Lettering218-561CN 2 Bay Covered Hopper2.99
CDS Lettering218-660CP 1400 cu.ft Ore Car2.99
CDS Lettering218-734CP Wood Caboose2.99
CDS Lettering218-735CN Offset Side Triple Hopper2.99
CDS Lettering218-764CP Rail SD40-23.49
CDS Lettering218-778CN GP-7/9 Diesel Roadswitcher2.99
Highball Graphics827-130CEFX Leasing SD-90MAC's7.75
Highball Graphics827-132GCFX Sd-40-3's7.75
Highball Graphics827-156CEFX AC4400's 1001-10257.75
Highball Graphics827-160ONR Blue & Yellow Hood Units6.50
Highball Graphics827-164LMSX Leasing CN/IC C40-8W's7.75
Highball Graphics827-211Canadian Pacific MOW Cabooses7.75
Mainline Decals18-20187Expo 86-CP Rail SD40-2 Locomotive4.95
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-105CN Website Cylindrical Hopper Car Decals6.00
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-107"Sclair" Car Decals6.00
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-108CPR 53' Container Operation Life Saver Canada6.00
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-109CN/Operation Lifesaver Canada PSC Van Decals6.50
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-110"Lifesaver" Hopper Car Decals8.50
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-111CN Dressed Beef Reefer Car Decals6.50
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-112CN Produce Car Decals6.50
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-113BNSF Manitoba Ltd. Operation Lifesaver Canada Van6.50
Prototype Model IndustriesPMI-114VIA/Operation Lifesaver Canada F40PH-2 Decal7.00
Walthers933-3117Tank Decals4.99
Woodland Scenics785-DT609-CLDry Transfer Decals Southern Pacific Box Cars 0.50

Detail Parts

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Accurail112-108Boxcar Body Detail Set3.05
A-Line116-29200Windshield Wipers-Long & Short5.19
Athearn140-15508Tank Car Handrails2.69
Athearn 140-53304Reefer Hatch (4)4.75
Cannon & Company191-1007EMD Hood Unit Door2.59
Cannon & Company191-110381" Low Short Hood8.59
Cannon & Company191-1104EMD 88" Low Short Hood Kit9.65
Cannon & Company191-1153EMD Dash2 Hood Ends4.39
Cannon & Company191-1301Inertial Filter Screens2.59
Cannon & Company191-1305Inertial Filter Screens3.09
Cannon & Company191-1401-CLRadiator Screens-GP 38-22.45
Cannon & Company191-1501Thinwall EMD Cab Kit7.79
Cannon & Company191-1502Thinwall EMD Cab Kit7.39
Cannon & Company191-1601Angled Blower Housing4.35
Cannon & Company191-1901AAF Angled Filter Box4.19
Cannon & Company191-1952EMD Turbo hatch5.59
Cannon & Company191-2051EMD Pilot Life Tabs3.15
Cannon & Company191-2101EMD Small Anticlimber3.69
Cannon & Company191-2102EMD Wide Anticlimber3.69
Cannon & Company191-2103EMD ST Anticlimber3.49
Cannon & Company191-2156EMD Fuel Tank Detail Set7.05
Custom Finishing247-7220Fairmount Speeder Trailer9.25
Custom Railway Supply212-1066Entrance Gate N Scale3.99
Detail Associates229-1003Dual Headlight Late1.35
Detail Associates229-1004Dual Headlight Early Type1.09
Detail Associates229-1013Ditch Light, Single1.25
Detail Associates229-1014Back Up Light-Canadian1.35
Detail Associates229-1022Ditch Light & Stand1.39
Detail Associates229-1202Bell-Underframe Mount1.65
Detail Associates229-1404Drop Step-EMD Dash-2 Type2.15
Detail Associates229-1508MU Air Hoses2.99
Detail Associates229-1509MU Receptacle Set-Modern1.65
Detail Associates229-1602Air Horn - Nathan M52.19
Detail Associates229-2014Winterization Hatch, 48" Fan GP/SD-602.25
Detail Associates229-220217" Grab Irons Drop Bulk Package3.49
Detail Associates229-2204Coupler Life Bar-Standard Type w/Bracket2.85
Detail Associates229-2206Eye Bolt, 3 1/2" Diameter4.15
Detail Associates229-2211Coupler Life Bar-'AAR' Type 13.29
Detail Associates229-2217Fan Grab-Curved GP30-GP/SD60-48"2.09
Detail Associates229-2218Fan Grab-Angular, Dash-21.99
Detail Associates229-2807Speed Recorder with Adapter Flange2.35
Detail Associates229-3605Short Nose CP Rail, 102'9.19
Detail Associates229-6402Brake Wheel and Housing "Miner"1.75
Detail Associates 229-2314Windshield Wipers, Offset Blade2.75
Detail Associates 229-3604Wide Cab- N.A.-Cdn.Tpye13.55
Details West235-119Re-Rail Frogs w/Hangers1.99
Details West235-128Bell-Std. Equip. for EMD Switches post 19521.79
Details West235-135Bell N&W&Southern1.89
Details West235-155Snow Plow 2nd Gen Hood ATSF,BN,D&RGW,WP2.45
Details West235-157Radio Antenna-Firecracker Type Locos & Cabooses2.79
Details West235-177Brake Wheel & Gear Box SD-40 Rear Platform2.09
Details West235-179EMD & GE Brake Wheel1.39
Details West235-191Air Horn Leslie FEW Chimes4.05
Details West235-194Awning with Smoke Deflector1.99
Details West235-227End of Train Device w/red Bulb2.59
Details West235-228Ditch Lights w/lenses Pilot top Mount EMD4.19
Details West235-229Ditch Lights w/Bulbs Pilot end Mount3.89
Details West235-233Snow Plow, SP,CSX,CP,NS2.19
Details West235-234Snow Plow: C&NW, UP2.75
Details West235-235Snow Plow: ATSF, CN2.35
Details West235-236MU Cable w/Double Ended Receptacles2.59
Details West235-243Ditch Lights w/Platforms & Bulbs4.65
Details West235-244Axle Bearing Caps1.65
Details West235-250Air Horn-Canadian Roads4.49
Details West235-251Air Horn K5,Reverse Bells #3, #4 CSX,D&RGW, NS4.65
Details West235-253Air Horn K-3, Reverse #4,ATSF,BNSF,SP,UP4.55
Details West235-254Air Horn K-3 All Forward CN,CP4.19
Details West235-257Snow Plow CN, Canadian Roads2.45
Details West235-266MU Hose: 3 Cluster Set All roads4.99
Details West235-321Small Square GPS Dome (Angled Top)1.89
Hi- Tech331-6001G.E. Exhaust Stack4.39
M.V. Products516-22LS 2222.19
M.V. Products516-222LS 2222.19
M.V. Products516-25Lens, Clear-LS252.49
M.V. Products516-300LS 3002.85
M.V. Products516-301LS 3012.55
M.V. Products516-302LS 3022.55
N.J. International 525-1250Railroad Stop Signs(2)13.25
Red Cap Line630-6002Vestibule Baggage Doors5.25
Trains Canada1-600LgNtchSnowshld GP38/408.89
Trains Canada1-602CNR Large Notch Snow Shield SD40-28.89
Walthers947-1032Brass Machine Screw #2-56 x 3/163.69
Walthers947-1033Brass Machine Screws #2-56 x 1/43.99
Walthers947-1035Brass Machine Screws #2-56 x 3/83.99
Walthers947-1036Brass Machine Screws #2-56 x 1/23.99


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Atlas150-778Cows & Horses3.95
Atlas150-793Pedestrian Figures (24 unpainted Figures)4.45
Atlas 150-779Sheep4.55
Boley2018-07Animals, Cows-Brown (6)2.49
Boley2018-HBAnimals, Horses-Brown (6)2.49
Boley2018-PAnimals, Pigs-Pink (6)2.49
Preiser590-16529Modern US Infantry7.99
Woodland Scenics785-1822Policemen10.49
Woodland Scenics785-1826City Workers11.89*
Woodland Scenics785-1841Dogs & Cats12.35*
Woodland Scenics785-1847Train Personnel10.35
Woodland Scenics785-1848Checker Players12.39
Woodland Scenics785-1850Road Crew10.49
Woodland Scenics785-1851Road Crew Details11.89*
Woodland Scenics785-1852Assorted Junk12.49*
Woodland Scenics785-1854Assorted Skids13.65
Woodland Scenics785-1855Assorted Crates12.69
Woodland Scenics785-1856Tombstones11.69
Woodland Scenics785-1857Farm People10.69
Woodland Scenics785-1860Hobos11.59
Woodland Scenics785-1865Track Workers11.85*
Woodland Scenics785-1866Engineers10.69
Woodland Scenics785-1868Graveside Service10.35
Woodland Scenics785-1875People & Pesky Raccoons13.25
Woodland Scenics785-1878Gone Fishing13.29
Woodland Scenics785-1893Accident Waiting to Happen14.09
Woodland Scenics785-1896Farmers Market13.75
Woodland Scenics785-1898Rail Workers12.79
Woodland Scenics785-1904Bicycle Buddies17.89
Woodland Scenics785-1905Dog Wash15.59*
Woodland Scenics785-1911Workers with Forklift13.25
Woodland Scenics785-1914Auto Mechanics13.09


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Model Power490-491Building Light Units (2)4.59
Model Power490-493Gas Clear Square Top, Lights (3)8.89
Model Power490-494Light, Gas Frosted Square Top (3)10.15
Model Power490-496Dbl. Highway Lights (2)10.25
Model Power490-498Globe Type 2" (3)10.39
Model Power490-595lampposts (3) frosted rd. top9.89
RapidoRAP-102003Easy Peasy Passenger Car Light Set15.95


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Atlas150-790Girder Load, Flat Car (4)4.19
Chooch214-7056Athearn Quad Hopper Coal Loads10.69
Chooch214-705734' Hopper Coal Load for Athearn 54009.25
Chooch214-7063MDC 3 Bay Hopper Coal Loads10.69
Chooch214-7066Ore Loads/Stewart Cars14.29
Chooch214-7067Taconite Loads/Stewart Cars14.29
Chooch214-7088Ore Load for MDC 140111.55
Chooch214-7090Coal Load Atlas 50T 2 Bay Offset Hopper8.09
Chooch214-7202Stewart 40 Ton Triple Hopper Coal Load9.59
Chooch214-7203Coal Loads/Walthers Beth Gon Caolporter8.79
Chooch214-7204Walthers 100 Ton Quad Coal Load8.79
Chooch214-7220Wrapped Machinery Loads10.89
Chooch214-7223Random Bailed Scrap for Gondolas8.85
Chooch214-7224Junk for Gondolas7.29
Chooch214-7230Scrap Wheels Load for Gondolas9.99
Chooch214-7236Heavy tire load for open cars13.75
Chooch214-7243Heavy Shipping Crates16.49
Chooch214-7247Heavy Machines (3)18.59
Chooch214-7254Steel Coils Large & Small (9)18.59
Chooch214-7255Covered Trucks18.59
Chooch214-7256Covered Army Tanks with Treads (3)18.59
Chooch214-7257Covered Artillery (3)15.75
Chooch214-7540Automobile Junk Piles15.29
Chooch214-7560Mixed Junk Piles15.29
H&D's Own1-503Slocan Lumber Load12.85


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Athearn140-2217SD40-2 Pwr & GP38-2 Dumy Set99.99
Athearn140-3237F7A Super Power CP Rail53.89
Athearn140-3647AMD-103 P P42 Amtrak84.09
Athearn140-4345AC4400 Power CP86.29
Athearn140-4517CN GP 38-2 Powered63.65
Athearn140-4815CP Rail SD40-2 #585379.99
Athearn140-4816CP Rail Two Flags SD40-2 Snoot Powered79.99
Athearn140-4926C44-9W BC Rail88.55
Athearn140-4928C44-9W Powered-BC Rail88.55
Athearn140-6132SD70I Canadian National #5610159.99
Athearn140-6307CN Map Scheme SD40-2 Powered75.99
Athearn140-79660RTR CN (Zebra) #4713 GP38-286.09
Athearn140-80182RTR CP #7309 GP 38-280.49
Athearn140-80203RTR Canadian Pacific F7A/F7A #4106 & #410772.99
Athearn140-80393RTR CN F7A-F7B Set85.39
Athearn140-91763RTR CN GP35 #4000105.39
Athearn140-93547RTR Canadian National SD40 #5004107.99
Athearn140-93582RTR CP Rail SD40 #5549107.99
Athearn140-94713RTR Canadian Pacific GP40X #4523109.79
Athearn 140-4616CP Rail (Two Flags) GP38-2 #731249.89
Atlas150-550265CP 424 #4325 Script207.99
Model Power490-2164Metal Train F7A CN57.99
Proto 1000433-229722Budd RDC Locomotive CP-Hockey Mask Scheme0.00
Proto 2000433-857807GP38-2 ON #1800 2 Tone Blue0.00
Proto 2000920-31674C&O #2746 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive305.99
True Line TrainsTLT-500086CN C Liner #67000.00
Walthers931-104EMD GP9M Canadian National Diesel50.99
Walthers931-114EMD GP9M CP Rail50.99


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 01-05Branchline January-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 01-06Branchline-January-064.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 02-05Branchline-Febuary-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 02-06Branchline-February-064.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 02-07Branchline-February-074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 03-05Branchline-March-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 03-06Branchline March-064.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 04-05Branchline-April--054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 04-06Branchline April-064.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 04-07Branchline April-074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 05-05Branchline- May-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 05-07Branchline May-074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 06-05Branchline-June-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 06-07Branchline-June 074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 07/08-05Branchline- July- August-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 07/08-07Branchline-July/August-074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 09-05Branchline-September-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 09-07Branchline September-074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 09-08Branchline September-084.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 10-04Branchline October-044.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 10-05Branchline-October-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 10-07Branchline-October-074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 11-04Branchline November-044.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 11-05Branchline-November-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 11-06Branchline November 064.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 11-07Branchline November 074.95
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 12-04Branchline December-044.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 12-05Branchline-December-054.75
Bytown Railway SocietyBL 12-06Branchline December-064.95
Canadian Railway ModellerCRM T15T2Canadian Railway Modeller T15 T26.95
Canadian Railway ModellerCRMT15T3Canadian Railway Modeller T15 T26.95
Canadian Railway ModellerCRMT16T1Canadian Railway Modeller T16 T17.35
Classic TrainsCT-Summer 2008Classic Trains: Summer 20088.95
CN SIGCNLV13N2CN Lines Vol 13 No 26.50
CN SIGCNLV14N2CN Lines Vol 14 No 26.50
CN SIGCNLV14N3CN Lines Vol 14 No 36.50
Garden RailwaysGR 07-08Garden Railways July 20087.95
KalmbachMR-12/08Model Railroader December 20087.25
KalmbachT&F 01/09Thomas and Friends January 20094.95
KalmbachT&F11/12-08Thomas and Friends Nov Dec 20084.95
Model RailroaderMR 07-08Model Railroader July 20087.25
Model RailroaderMR-RL#4Model Railroader Realisic Layouts #49.95
Thomas & FriendsT&F 05/06-08Thomas & Friends May/June 20084.95
Thomas & FriendsT&F 07-08Thomas & Friends July 20084.95
TrainsTR 06-08Trains June 20086.95
TrainsTR 07-08Trains July 20086.95
TrainsTR-STTrains Special Issue: Steam Today10.50


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
MiscellaneousHO CLEANERSolid Brass Rail Cleaner Car79.99


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
DaylightDAY-20018-05T-Shirt, Large CPR #231713.99
DaylightDAY-20018-05Sweat Shirt- Youth Medium Musical 19.99
Elmer's Products Inc.790-222X-ACTO #22 Blades3.45
Elmer's Products Inc.790-3201X-ACTO #1 Knife with Blade2.79
Elmer's Products Inc.790-3202-CLX-ACTO #2 Knife with Blade3.99
Elmer's Products Inc.790-3205-CLX-ACTO #5 Knife with Blade3.85
Elmer's Products Inc.790-7360-CLX-ACTO File Handle3.45
Elmer's Products Inc.790-75100-CLX-ACTO Extra Long Needle Nose Pliers15.99
Excel813-44285-CLHandy Man Set18.99
Excel813-44286Deluxe Knife Set44.99
Excel813-44289Deluxe Railroad Tool Set74.29
Excel813-5510Dome of Drills Size 60-8029.99
Excel813-5561Swivel Head Pin Vise7.39
Excel813-55660-CLTwo piece Pocket Screw Drivers3.99
Excel813-55778Deluxe Model Railroad Reference Rule11.59
Excel813-70002Mini Screw Driver with Phillips & Regular tips13.29
Excel813-70003Mini Pin Vise with 12 Assorted Drilled17.45
Kadee380-209Grey Insulating Fiber Washers3.15
Microbrush000-10microbrush green1.55
MiscellaneousC-1273310" Clock, Locomotive CN #3534 Locomotive19.99
MiscellaneousENG-BLUEEngineer Hats-Adult Blue Stripe10.75
MiscellaneousENG-PINKEngineer Hat-Pink Stripe9.75
MiscellaneousHat PinsMisc Railway Hat Pins2.50
MiscellaneousPC-1000CN Maple Leaf Logo Herald 11.25
MiscellaneousPC-1001CP Spans the World Herald11.25
MiscellaneousPC-1002TH&B Herald11.25
MiscellaneousPINSMiscellaneous Railway Hat Pins2.49
MiscellaneousPINS-CDNMiscellaneous Canadian Flag Pins1.15
MiscellaneousStampRoller Stamp Train Designs1.50
MiscellaneousTH-124Thermometer 10" Dia Loco19.90
MiscellaneousWhistleWhistle, Wood, 4 Chime, 8"7.00*
Paasche542-F SetSingle Action Airbrush Set68.69
Paasche542-V-SetV Airbrush Set107.99
RapidoRRA-102000Replacement Alkaline Batteries for Passenger Car Int11.95
Steamscenes100-CT20092009 Canadian Trains Calendar14.99
Whistle Stop012-9016Mug-Santa Fe7.50
Whistle Stop012-9048Mug-Detroit, Toledoe and Ironton7.50
Whistle Stop012-9065Mug-Soo Line Modern7.50


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Floquil270-110001Thinner and Brush Cleaner5.35
Floquil270-110007Rail Brown Paint4.89
Floquil270-110010Engine Black4.89
Floquil270-110011Reefer White Paint4.89
Floquil270-110012Reefer Gray Paint4.89
Floquil270-110014Railroad Tie Brown Paint4.89
Floquil270-110020Caboose Red4.89
Floquil270-110035Burlington Northern Green4.89
Floquil270-110058Conrail Blue Paint4.89
Floquil270-110070Roof Brown4.89
Floquil270-110073Rust Paint4.89
Floquil270-110074Boxcar Red4.89
Floquil270-110081Earth Paint4.89
Floquil270-110085Antique White Paint4.89
Floquil270-110087Depot Buff Paint4.89
Floquil270-110166UP Armor Yellow Paint4.89
Floquil270-110167UP Har. Mist Gray Paint4.89
Floquil270-110250CN Orange #11 Paint4.89
Floquil270-110252CN Gray #174.89
Floquil270-110254CN Yellow #124.89
Floquil270-110256CN Green #12 Paint4.89
Floquil270-110450Soo Line Red4.89
Model Flex165-16011 oz Engine Black4.29
Model Flex165-16012Primer Gray4.29
Model Flex165-16021 oz Reefer White4.29
Model Flex165-16031 oz Grimy Black4.29
Model Flex165-16041 oz Reefer Gray4.29
Model Flex165-16051 oz Weathered Black4.29
Model Flex165-161191 oz Flat Black4.29
Model Flex165-161581 oz CP Action Yellow4.29
Model Flex165-161591 oz CP Action Red4.29
Model Flex165-161601 oz CP Tuscan Red4.29
Model Flex165-161611 oz CP Yellow4.29
Model Flex165-161621 oz CP Gray4.29
Model Flex165-161631 oz CN Red #114.29
Model Flex165-161651 oz CN Orange #104.29
Model Flex165-161661 oz CN Yellow #114.29
Model Flex165-161671 oz CN Gray #114.29
Model Flex165-161681 oz Trailer Train Yellow4.29
Model Flex165-161751 oz Rail Brown 4.29
Model Flex165161761 oz Roof Brown4.29
Model Flex165-16251 oz UP Harbour Mist Gray4.29
Model Flex165-16571 oz Soo Line Red4.29
Polly S270-410460VIA Yellow Gloss5.89
Polly S270-414137Grimy Black5.89
Polly S270-4142001 oz Wisc. Central Maroon5.89
Polly S270-414302Sand4.99
Polly S270-4143051 oz Dust5.89
Polly S270-4143081 oz Dirt5.89
Polly S270-4143111 oz Earth5.89
Polly S270-4143141 oz Mud5.89
Polly S270-4143171 oz Concrete5.89
Polly S270-4143201 oz Aged Concrete5.89
Polly S270-4143231 oz Rust5.89
Polly S270-4143261 oz Oily Black5.89
Testors704-1260Dull Coat5.69*
Testors704-1261Gloss Coat 5.69*
Testors704-1717-CLPaint, 1/2 oz Dark Sea Blue2.45
270-546007Plastic Prep 8oz8.75

Passenger Cars

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Athearn140-79081Canadian Pacific Streamlined Baggage #472324.99
Athearn140-79082Canadian Pacific Streamlined RPO #301824.99
Athearn140-79083Canadian Pacific Strealined Dining Car #472524.99
Athearn140-79084Canadian Pacific Streamlined Vista Dome #51524.99
Athearn140-79085Canadian Pacific Streamlined Coach #12424.99
Athearn140-79086Canadian Pacific Streamlined Observation Car Seaview24.99
Branchline TrainsBRA-5023Blueprint Series Morning Glory Pullman Sleeper54.99
Branchline TrainsBRA-5026Blueprint Series Island Park54.99
Branchline TrainsBRA-5199Blueprint Series 80' Single Window Coach54.99
Branchline TrainsBRA-5325Blueprint Series 12-1 Sleeper, CNR REDHOUSE54.99
Branchline TrainsBRA-5418Blueprint Series CN Port Stanley Sleeper51.79
RapidoRAP-1000022Lightweight Coach CN Rail (1961) #545552.95
RapidoRAP-100003Lightweight Coach VIA Rail Canada #545852.95
RapidoRAP-100004Lightweight Coach VIA Rail Canada #549952.95
RapidoRAP-100023Lightweight Coach CN Rail (1961) #547652.95
RapidoRAP-101002Duplex Sleeper VIA Rail Edmonton #111452.95
RapidoRAP-101003Deplex Sleeper VIA Rail Enfirled #113752.95
RapidoRAP-101004Duplex Sleeper VIA Rail Canada Enterprise #114052.95
RapidoRAP-101022Duplex Sleeper CN Rail (1961) Ekhart #111952.95
RapidoRAP-101023Duplex Sleeper CN Rail (1961) Elgin #112352.95
RapidoRAP-101029Duplex Sleeper CN Rail (1961) Essex #114952.95
RapidoRAP-101083Duplex Sleeper Canadian Pacific H.B. Bowen #11052.95
RapidoRAP-103004Café-Bar Lounge VIA Rail #251052.95
RapidoRAP-103011Café Bar Lounge CN Rail (1961) #250352.95
RapidoRAP-103014Café Bar Lounge CN Rail (1961) #250952.95
RapidoRAP-104002Bay Sleeper VIA Rail Hudson Bay #202352.95
RapidoRAP-106017Baggage Express Canadian National Railways #923552.95
RapidoRAP-106018Baggage Express Canadian National Railways #924052.95
Roundhouse480-6144Harriman Combination UP12.89
Roundhouse480-6146CN Harriman Style Combination13.19
Roundhouse480-6156Harriman Style Diner13.19
Roundhouse480-6157CP Harriman Diner18.15
Roundhouse480-6166CN Harriman Observation13.19

Power Supplies

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
MRC500-1300Rail Power 130039.75

Rolling Stock

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Accurail112-2007ACF 3-Bay CVD Hopper-Milwaukee15.25
Accurail112-2015BN ACF 3 Bay Centerflow Hopper15.75
Accurail112-2020N&W ACF 3 Bay Centerflow Hopper15.75
Accurail112-2059General Chemical 3 Bay Covered Hopper15.75
Accurail112-3225AAR 40' Steel Box N&W11.89
Accurail112-340740' PS-1 Steel Box Car Ill. Terminal13.19
Accurail112-340940' PS-1 Steel Box Car L&N13.19
Accurail112-3533Canadian National 40' Steel AAR Boxcar12.75
Accurail112-3599Data Oxide AAR 40' Steel Box11.19
Accurail112-410040' OB Box Wood Ends Undecorated14.89
Accurail112-5115CP 50' Plug Door Boxcar12.85
Accurail112-519850' Plug Door Boxcar Data-Min Red13.75
Accurail112-529850' Dbl Door Box M. Red Data Only13.75
Accurail112-539950' Combo Door Boxcar Data Oxide13.75
Accurail112-5604CSX 50' Ext Post Box Car14.15
Accurail112-5607Frisco 50' Ext. Post Box14.15
Accurail112-5608SP 50' Ext Post Box Car14.15
Accurail112-561050' Ext. Post Boxcar CNW13.75
Accurail112-5614CN 50' Ext Post Box Car14.15
Accurail112-570850' Welded AAR Boxcar12.75
Accurail112-599950' Welded Dbl. Dr. Box Data Oxide13.25
Accurail112-7512CN AAR Triple Hopper11.05
Accurail112-7516Canadian Pacific AAR Triple Hopper10.85
Accurail112-9209CP Rail Bi-Level Auto Rack23.85
Accurail112-9309Tri-Level Auto Rack-CP Rail21.85
Accurail112-990145' Highway Trailer-Preferred 459.15
Accurail112-990745' Highway Trailer Transamerica9.15
Athearn140-1143CP Baggage Tool Car (WT)16.65
Athearn140-1213Ontario Northland 40' AAR Box Car #900689.29
Athearn140-1225CP Rail Red 40' AAR Box Car9.29
Athearn140-1317S.F. 50' Dbl Dr.Auto Car9.15
Athearn140-1381CP 40' Flat Car 9.29
Athearn140-1435Canadian National 50' Flat Car #6635408.69
Athearn140-1604CN 40' Reefer9.29
Athearn140-162050' Reefer-Milwaukee11.20
Athearn140-162350' Reefer-BREX11.20
Athearn140-1634GN 50' P.D. Reefer OB10.59
Athearn140-1652CP Rail 50' Gondola #3402048.69
Athearn140-1903ACF Centerflow Dupont Plastics10.55
Athearn140-1921ACF Centerflow Union Carbide10.55
Athearn140-1925ACFX 54' ACF Centerflow12.29
Athearn140-198886' HI-Cube GTW15.19
Athearn140-202685' A/P Flat Car-Mopac12.79
Athearn140-202885' A/P Flat Car-Rock Island12.79
Athearn140-25511GO Transit Bombrdr Cab33.49
Athearn140-25911Go Transit (3 Car Set)95.99
Athearn140-26523Canadian Tire 53' Container-3 Pack37.19
Athearn140-27702BN Mntrl 48' Chassis & Cont.23.79
Athearn140-2941CN 4Dr 86' Hi-Cube Boxcar17.59
Athearn140-2953CP Rail 86' 4Dr Hi Cube Boxcar17.59
Athearn140-503150' Auto Box-KCS9.20
Athearn140-503350' Auto Box-MKT9.20
Athearn140-503550' Auto Box-SP9.20
Athearn140-506050' S/DR Box-Southern9.20
Athearn140-507550' OB DD Box Car-Burlington Northern12.09
Athearn140-5083Cottonbelt 50' Dbl Door Box Car10.69
Athearn140-5372CN Wide Vision Caboose11.49
Athearn140-5373CP Rail Wide Vision Caboose9.65
Athearn140-552450' Railbox-BN9.75
Athearn140-552550' SD Railbox Car-CN11.39
Athearn140-5552Impack End Cotton Belt14.89
Athearn140-5555Impack Ends Southern Pacific14.89
Athearn140-5562Impack Inter Cotton Belt22.35
Athearn140-5564Impack Inter S.F.22.35
Athearn140-5565Impack Inter Southern Pacific22.35
Athearn140-563286' Hi-Cube Model Railroader 65th19.09
Athearn140-5687Miss. Pacc (Buzzsaw) 50' Sng11.89
Athearn140-581450' PS 5344 Boxcar C&NW15.39
Athearn140-70123RTR CP Modern Box Car17.35
Athearn140-70137RTR CN 40' Modern Box Car16.79
Athearn140-70163RTR CN 40' Dbl Door Box Car17.35
Athearn140-70375RTR CP 40' Box Car16.99
Athearn140-70401RTR CP Express #1 40' YSD Box Car17.35
Athearn140-70754CN #2 50' OB PD Box Car17.55
Athearn140-72441CP/Smith#2 50' Flat/40' Trl23.79
Athearn140-75176RTR CN Wide Vision Caboose18.59
Athearn140-75206CN#79917 Wide Vision Caboose RTR19.99
Athearn140-75222Canadian National Wide Vision Caboose #77014 23.55
Athearn140-75223Canadian National Wide Vision Caboose #77982323.55
Athearn140-75224Canadian Pacific Wide Vision Caboose #42098523.55
Athearn140-75387Canadian National 200-Ton Crane/Tender55.99
Athearn140-81289Canadian Pacific 30' Flat Car with 2 John Deere Waterloo Boy Tractors31.99
Athearn140-86033Canadian National Derrick Car #49999624.99
Athearn140-91339CanFor #2 50' EvansDblPlg Boxcar RTR19.55
Athearn140-91356RTR GTW#2 50' Dbl Plug Door Boxcar21.75
Athearn140-92453CN (Maple Leaf) #1 50' DblDr19.05
Athearn140-92715RTR CP 60' Bulkhead 37.39
Athearn140-92840BC Rail 50' Plug & Sliding Door Box Car #542119.55
Athearn140-92954CP Rail 50' FMC Plug Door Box Car #1869819.85
Athearn140-94913CP Rail Bathtub Coal Gondola24.39
Athearn140-94970CP Rail 26' Low Side Ore Gondola 6 Pack127.99
Athearn 140-1913ACF Centerflow Diamond Plastics10.55
Athearn 140-75207CN #79923 Wide Vision Caboose RTR19.99
Atlas150-1362150' Precision Design Box Car CN #41604427.99
Atlas150-1362250' Precision Design Box Car CN #41606327.99
Atlas150-15603SHPX 17 Gallon Tank Car30.06
Atlas150-15612ACFX-HKR Chem 17 Gallon Tank Car30.06
Atlas150-15621GATX 17 Gallon Tank Car30.06
Atlas150-15651PPGX 17 Gallon Tank Car30.06
Atlas150-16361ACF 23,500 Gallon Tank Car Shell Canada #7962125.15
Atlas150-16531ACF 60' Auto Parts Car24.75
Atlas150-16533ACF 60' Auto Part Car24.75
Atlas150-16711CP 60' DD Auto Part Car24.75
Atlas150-16712CP 60' DD Auto Part Car24.75
Atlas150-16742ACF 60' DD Auto Paert Grand Trunk Western24.75
Atlas150-1750Evans Double Plug Door Box Car Undecorated19.95
Atlas150-1751Evans Double Plug Door Box Car Burlington Northern19.95
Atlas150-18801Offset Side Hopper w/Flat End Canadian Pacific #35701312.95
Atlas150-19772ACF 3 Bay Cyl Hopper CANPOTEX23.89
Atlas150-20000002ACF Center Flow Dupomt-Road #3728026.05
Atlas150-4002Thrall Gondola CP Rail Road #34659728.75
Atlas150-942CACF 3560 Covered Hopper Duluth13.39
Atlas 150-16711CP 60' Auto Parts Dbl Door Boxcar31.95
Branchline Trains2105Blueprint Series CP Rail Berwick Boxcar29.55
Branchline Trains2106Blueprint Series CP 50' Berwick Boxcar (ex Ma&pa)29.55
IHC348-4305-CLSound Car Southern Pacific23.99
Model Power490-1906U-29 Metal Ore Car CN RD#34400716.25
Model Power490-1907U-29 Metal Ore Car CP (Black) RD#37724615.25
Model Power490-217440' Metal Boxcar CP Multimark15.25
Model Power490-217740' Metal Boxcar CP w/ "Spans the World"15.29
Model Power490-219240' Metal Tank Car Shell16.25
Model Power490-219340' Metal Tank Car Hooker15.25
Model Power490-227334' Metal CN Cuppola Caboose16.25
Model Power490-227434' Metal CP Cuppola Caboose15.75
Model Power490-806136' Open Hopper Western Maryland3.99
Proto 1000433-111900RTR Canfor TCAX #2022629.99
Proto 1000433-111902RTR Canfor TCAX #2023229.99
Proto 1000433-111903RTR Canfor TCAX #2024029.99
Proto 1000433-111921RTR MacMillian Bloedel HTCX #33029.99
Proto 1000433-111922RTR MacMillian Bloedel HTCX #33229.99
Proto 1000433-111924RTR A&P Lumber LUNX #416329.99
Proto 1000433-111930RTR Canfor CFPX #454129.99
Proto 1000433-111931RTR Canfor CFPX #454229.99
Proto 1000433-111933RTR Canfor CFPX #454829.99
Proto 1000433-111940RTR A&P Lumber LUNX #415829.99
Proto 1000433-111941RTR A&P Lumber LUNX #416029.99
Proto 1000433-111943RTR A&P Lumber LUNX #416529.99
Proto 1000433-300200RTR 50' CN Newsprint Car29.99
Proto 1000433-300768RTR Central Vermont/CN 50' Newsprint Car30.45
Proto 1000433-300769RTR Central Vermont/CN 50' Newsprint Car30.45
Proto 1000433-300771RTR Central Vermont/CN 50' Newsprint Car30.45
Proto 1000433-31098RTR 50' CP Newsprint Car26.75
Proto 1000433-31099RTR 50' CP Newsprint Car26.75
Proto 1000433-8905550' High roof Box Car14.25
Proto 1000434-111923RTR MacMillian Bloedel HTCX #33529.99
Proto 2000433-3500048000 Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car CP23.25
Proto 2000433-35001310, 000 Gal riveted Tank Car25.89
Proto 2000433-35001410,000 Gal Riveted Tank Car25.89
Proto 2000433-350017CP-10,000Gal. Riveted Tank Car25.89
Proto 2000433-350018Riveted Tank Car25.89
Proto 2000433-8447350' Automobile Box Car CN19.39
Proto NLL-82503740' Box Car CN #4292345.99
Proto NLL-82504050' SD Box Car SFP & P #899815.99
Roundhouse480-106240' APR Boxcar CP10.49
Roundhouse480-110440' Box Car-Modern CP13.95
Roundhouse480-120350' Single Door Boxcar-CN13.95
Roundhouse480-120750' Box Car-Seaboard13.99
Roundhouse480-123050' Garx Boxcar-Pennsylvania10.50
Roundhouse480-123250' GARX Box Car-Southern Pacific10.50
Roundhouse480-125150' Box Car Plug Door Burlington Northern13.97
Roundhouse480-125550' Box Car-Union Pacific10.50
Roundhouse480-126350' Plug Door Box Car CP11.89
Roundhouse480-126550' Plug Door Box Car British Columbia13.97
Roundhouse480-127950' Plug Door Box Car CP12.57
Roundhouse480-1280060' Flat Cars Twinpack Burlington Northern19.59
Roundhouse480-128860' Flat Car Kit-Frisco13.99
Roundhouse480-131260' Bulk Head Flat Car-Western Pacific11.15
Roundhouse480-131460' Bulkhead Flat Car BC Rail13.95
Roundhouse480-135440" Gondola Canadian National11.89
Roundhouse480-135640'Gondola BC11.89
Roundhouse480-135940' Gondola-Erie11.59
Roundhouse480-140622' Orecar Taper side CP10.50
Roundhouse480-140726' Rib Ore Car CN10.49
Roundhouse480-141722' Ore Car-Rectangular Side CN10.49
Roundhouse480-142222' Ore Car-Rectangular Side CN10.49
Roundhouse480-1435Covered Hopper Southern Pacific15.35
Roundhouse480-14432 Bay Covered Hopper BN15.35
Roundhouse480-1445Cov. Hopper Conrail15.35
Roundhouse480-14483 Bay Covered Hopper-Erie Lackawanna13.97
Roundhouse480-14883 Bay Hopper-Pennsylvania13.97
Roundhouse480-14953 Bay Hopper-Ches & Ohio13.97
Roundhouse480-15373 Bay Rib Side Hopper-Southern13.95
Roundhouse480-154140' 3 Bay Rib Hopper13.99
Roundhouse480-1580Ballast Car Offset side undec.13.29
Roundhouse480-1585Ballast Hopper Offset-Southern13.99
Roundhouse480-161740' 3-Bay Hopper Offset Side CN13.95
Roundhouse480-171626' Ore Car-Low Side-Conrail12.59
Roundhouse480-182550' Hi-Cube Rib Side-Ontario Northland13.95
Roundhouse480-190250' PS Ribside Boxcar-Milwaukee14.25
Roundhouse480-193150' F15.85
Roundhouse480-193650' FMC Box-Combo Door-BC Rail13.97
Roundhouse480-1938ABOX 50' FMC Combo Door Box15.85
Roundhouse480-194450' FMC Boxcar CN13.95
Roundhouse480-1951Grand Trunk 50' FMC Combo Door Box14.25
Roundhouse480-197450' FMC Railbox S. Door Southern Pacific14.89
Roundhouse480-197550' FMC Railbox Single Door-Southern14.89
Roundhouse480-197750' FMC Railbox Single Door-Santa Fe14.89
Roundhouse480-197850' FMC Railbox Single Door-Seaboard14.89
Roundhouse480-197950' FMC Railbox Single Door-RF&P14.89
Roundhouse480-1984Milw 50' FMC Double Door Box14.25
Roundhouse480-199350' FMC Box Car-Double Door-BC Rail13.95
Roundhouse480-20420RTR CP Rail25.95
Roundhouse480-309236' O/T Reefer-Canadian Pacific 13.99
Roundhouse480-344730' Caboose 3 Window Wood-CN17.49
Roundhouse480-3473Burlington Northern Caboose17.55
Roundhouse480-362650' FMC Plug Door Box Car CP17.49
Roundhouse480-6116Exp. Reefer CN13.19
Roundhouse480-612760' Harriman Postal Car-CP18.15
Roundhouse480-614760' Harriman Combine-Canadian Pacific18.15
Sylvan1-1015CP Wide Vision Van32.95
Sylvan1-1090CNR 1936 Rebuilt Boxcar Series 470000-47014934.95
Sylvan1-1091CNR 1936 Rebuilt Boxcar Series 470150-47024934.95
Sylvan1-110650'6" Ext. Post 10' plug door CNISNewsprint car34.95
Trains Canada1-140CPR 62' tank car17.95
Trains Canada1-141CP 62' tank car as built17.95
Trains Canada1-17253' Gondola CN16.09
Trains Canada1-191CP Bulkhead Flat Car Black25.95
Trains Canada1-2006PGE RTR 40' Box Car Initial21.95
Trains Canada1-2008CP Rail Re-Built National Steel Car 40' Box Car21.95
Trains Canada1-2009CP Rail Re-Built National Steel Car 40' Box Car21.95
Trains Canada1-2011RTR CN 40' Box Car 21.95
Trains Canada1-2012RTR CN 40' Box Car Yellow Door21.95
Trains Canada1-2013PGE Grey Map RTR 40' NSC Box Car21.95
Trains Canada1-2017RTR CP 40' Box Car-Through Baggage Silver21.95
Trains Canada1-2019RTR CN 40' Box Car Through Baggage Grn/Gld0.00
Trains Canada1-2020RTR CN 40' Box Car Through Baggage21.95
Trains Canada1-2021RTR CP Script Lettering 40' Box Car21.95
Trains Canada1-2022RTR CP Script 40' BxGrain21.95
Trains Canada1-2023RTR CNR 40' BoxSrvsAllCda21.95
Trains Canada1-2024RTR CNR 40'BxCanadasLgst21.95
Trains Canada1-2025RTR CP Block 40' Box Car Newsprint Service21.95
Trains Canada1-2026RTR Manitoba 40' Graincar21.95
Trains Canada1-2027RTR CP Script 40' Box Car Newsprint Service21.95
Trains Canada1-2028RTR CN 40' Box Car-Noodle Grain Car21.95
Trains Canada1-2029RTR CN 40'GrnBoxMpleLf SAC21.95
Trains Canada1-2030RTR E&N 40' Box Car Multimark21.95
Trains Canada1-2031CPR 40' Boxcar Multimark21.95
Trains Canada1-2032RTR CP 40' Box Car Block W/Red Door21.95
Trains Canada1-2033RTR CP 40' Box Car Block-Movable Bulkheads21.95
Trains Canada1-2034RTR TH&B 40' Box Ylw/Blk21.95
Trains Canada1-2053Canadian Cylindrical Hopper Saskatchewan25.95
Trains Canada1-2054Canadian Cylindrical Hopper CP Rail Multi-mark25.95
Trains Canada1-2055Canadian Cylindrical Hopper Government of Canada Tan25.95
Trains Canada1-2056Canadian Cylindrical Hopper Canadian National Noodle25.95
Trains Canada1-2057Canadian Cylindrical Hopper CN Environmental Mode25.95
Trains Canada1-2058Canadian Cylindrical Hopper The Canadian Wheat Board25.95
Trains Canada1-2059Canadian Cylindrical Hopper Government of Canada Aluminum25.95
Trains Canada1-2060Canadian Cylindrical Hopper Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo25.95
Trains Canada1-3117CP Slvr 40' Box Car Track Cleaner Car27.95
Trains Canada1-3120CN Black/Grey 40' Box Car Track Cleaner Car27.95
Trains Canada1-3126CN Manitoba 40' Box Car Track Cleaner Car27.95
Trains Canada1-3128CN Grain 40' Box Car Track Cleaner Car27.95
Trains Canada1-3131CP Yellow Door 40' Box Car Track Cleaner Car27.95
Trains Canada1-99188CP Rail WV Caboose #434341-Athearn21.95*
Trains Canada1-99189CP Rail WV Caboose-#434716-Athearn21.95*
True Line TrainsTLT-200515RTR CN ACF Box Car 50'6" Road #50276017.25
True Line TrainsTLT-200516RTR CN ACF Box Car 50'6" Road #50276617.25
True Line TrainsTLT-200517RTR CN ACF Box Car 50'6" Road #50277117.25
True Line TrainsTLT-200520RTR CN ACF Box Car 50' 6" Road #50219417.25
True Line TrainsTLT-200522RTR CP ACF Box Car 50'6" Road #21412517.25
True Line TrainsTLT-200527RTR CP ACF Box Car 50'6" Road #21416617.25
True Line TrainsTLT-300322CN Hopper #13564839.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300323CH Hopper #13565139.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300324CN Hopper #13565639.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300325CN Hopper #13566839.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300326CN Hopper #13567539.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300330CP Hopper #38023539.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300331CP Hopper #38027239.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300333CP Hopper #38025939.99
True Line TrainsTLT-300334CP Hopper #38029039.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301021CN Caboose Noodle #7830639.99
True Line TrainsTLT-3011157CP Caboose #435250 Block Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301124ONR Caboose #7048.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301126Grand River Caboose #1048.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301137CNR Caboose #78403 White Maple Leaf43.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301137CP Caboose #436995 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301139CNR Caboose #78499 White Maple Leaf43.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301147CNR Caboose #78934 Green Maple Leaf43.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301149CNR Caboose #78773 Green Maple Leaf43.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301156CP Caboose #435191 Blcok Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301159CP Caboose #437076 Block Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301166CP Caboose #436981 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301168CP Caboose #437010 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301169CP Caboose #437029 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301171CP Caboose #436991 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301172CP Caboose #436980 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-301173CP Caboose #437019 Script Lettering42.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302001?Flat Car CN #60312631.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302002Flat Car CN #60304931.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302003Flat Car CN #60308131.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302004Flat Car CN #60310131.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302006Flat Car CN #60312631.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302020Flat Car BCOL #1633831.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302021Flat Car BCOL #1640031.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302022Flat Car BCOL #1662431.99
True Line TrainsTLT-302023Flat Car BCOL #1854931.99
Walthers932-750030' Wood Caboose 3 Window Offset Cupola -Undec29.99*


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Model Power490-193352004 VW Beetle Cabrio5.49
Woodland Scenics785-1101Green Deciduous Tree Kit .75"-3" Mixed Green (36)18.49*
Woodland Scenics785-1102Green Deciduous Tree Kit 3"-5" Mixed Green (14)18.49*
Woodland Scenics785-1103Green Deciduous Tree Kit 5"-7" Mixed Green (7)18.99*
Woodland Scenics785-1105Conifers Tree Kit 4"-6" Conifer Green (24)19.65*
Woodland Scenics785-1106Conifers Tree Kit 6"-8" Conifer Green (16)18.79*
Woodland Scenics785-1113Realistic Tree Kit, 2 1/2-6" Pines16.25
Woodland Scenics785-1131Fine-Leaf Foliage Medium Green15.59
Woodland Scenics785-1201Lightweight Hydrocal 1/2 Gal11.49*
Woodland Scenics785-1202Mold-A-Scene Plaster 1.2L10.75
Woodland Scenics785-1203Plaster Cloth10.59*
Woodland Scenics785-1204Latex Rubber15.59
Woodland Scenics785-1205Flex Paste16.59
Woodland Scenics785-1211Realistic Water 18.39*
Woodland Scenics785-1212Water Effects14.89*
Woodland Scenics785-1215Liquid Pigment Earth Colour Kit20.99*
Woodland Scenics785-1216White Liquid Pigment5.95*
Woodland Scenics785-1217Concrete Liquid Pigment5.29
Woodland Scenics785-1218Concrete Stone Gray5.85
Woodland Scenics785-1219Slate Gray Liquid Pigment5.29
Woodland Scenics785-1220Black Liquid Pigment5.89*
Woodland Scenics785-1221Raw Umber Liquid Pigment5.59
Woodland Scenics785-1222Earth Color, Burnt Umber5.89
Woodland Scenics785-1223Yellow Ocher Liquid Pigment5.89
Woodland Scenics785-1228Green Undercoat7.29*
Woodland Scenics785-1229Earth Undercoat8.09*
Woodland Scenics785-1230Rock Mold, Outcroppings 5"x7"8.59*
Woodland Scenics785-1232Rock Mold, Boulders 5" x 7"8.65
Woodland Scenics785-1233Embankments Rock Mold9.29
Woodland Scenics785-1234Rock Mold, Random Rock 5" x 7"8.59*
Woodland Scenics785-1235Rock Mold, Laced Rock 5"x7"8.65
Woodland Scenics785-1252Concrete Single Tunnel Portal11.09
Woodland Scenics785-1253Cut Stone Single Tunnel Portal9.89*
Woodland Scenics785-1254Tunnel Portal, Timber single10.29
Woodland Scenics785-1255Random Stone Single Tunnel Portal9.65
Woodland Scenics785-1256Concrete Double Tunnel Portal11.35
Woodland Scenics785-1257Tunnel Portal, Cut Stone Double10.29
Woodland Scenics785-1258Three Concrete Retaining Walls9.95
Woodland Scenics785-1259Three Cut Stone Retaining Walls11.05*
Woodland Scenics785-1260Three Timber Retaining Walls9.95
Woodland Scenics785-1261Three Random Stone Retaining Walls9.65
Woodland Scenics785-1262Two Concrete Culverts8.99
Woodland Scenics785-1263Masonry Arch Culvert9.05
Woodland Scenics785-1264Culvert, Random Stone8.59
Woodland Scenics785-1265Two Timber Culverts9.05
Woodland Scenics785-1271Talus Medium Buff3.89*
Woodland Scenics785-1272Talus Coarse Buff4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-1274Talus fine brown4.15*
Woodland Scenics785-1276Talus Coarse Brown4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-1279Talus Medium Gray4.59*
Woodland Scenics785-1280Talus Coarse Gray4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-1281Talus Extra Course Gray4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-1285Talus Extra Course Natural4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-134Underbrush Clump Foliage Olive Green4.59
Woodland Scenics785-1341Turf Shaker, Fine Soil10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1342Turf Shaker, Fine Earth10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1343Turf Shaker, Fine Yellow Grass10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1344Turf Shaker, Fine Burnt Grass10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1345Turf Shaker, Fine Green Grass11.29
Woodland Scenics785-1346Turf Shaker, Fine Weeds10.35
Woodland Scenics785-1349Turf Shaker, Blended Green Blend10.85
Woodland Scenics785-135Underbrush Light Green4.39*
Woodland Scenics785-1350Turf Shaker, Blended Earth Blend10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1362Turf Shaker, Coarse Burnt Grass11.35
Woodland Scenics785-1363Turf Shaker, Coarse Light Green10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1364Turf Shaker, Coarse Medium Green11.35
Woodland Scenics785-1365Turf Shaker, Coarse Dark Green10.85
Woodland Scenics785-1366Turf Shaker, Coarse Conifer10.85
Woodland Scenics785-137Underbrush Clump Foliage Dark Green4.59*
Woodland Scenics785-1379Medium Ballast Brown Shaker 32oz.11.29
Woodland Scenics785-138Underbrush Clump Foliage Forest Green3.99
Woodland Scenics785-1382Medium Ballast Gray Shaker 32oz.11.29
Woodland Scenics785-1389Ballast Shaker, Gray11.05
Woodland Scenics785-139Underbrush Clump Foliage Forest Blend4.95*
Woodland Scenics785-1393Ballast Shaker, Fine Gray Blend11.05
Woodland Scenics785-1394Ballast Shaker, Medium Gray Blend11.05
Woodland Scenics785-140Snow 32oz Shacker11.69
Woodland Scenics785-1452Road System Smooth-it 1 qt5.85
Woodland Scenics785-1453Road System Top Coat Asphalt5.35
Woodland Scenics785-1454Road System Top Coat Concrete5.59
Woodland Scenics785-1455Road System Paving Tape8.05
Woodland Scenics785-149Bushes Clump Foliage Forest Blend4.85*
Woodland Scenics785-161Lichen Spring Green 1-1/2 Quarts7.89*
Woodland Scenics785-162Lichen Light Green 1-1/2 Quarts7.75*
Woodland Scenics785-163Lichen Medium Green 1-1/2 Quarts7.95*
Woodland Scenics785-164Lichen Dark Green 1-1/2 Quarts7.75
Woodland Scenics785-166Lichen Natural 1-1/2 Quarts8.05
Woodland Scenics785-1661Forest Canopy Medium Green21.69
Woodland Scenics785-171Field Grass Natural Straw4.45
Woodland Scenics785-172Field Grass Harvest Gold4.45
Woodland Scenics785-173Field Grass Light Green4.45
Woodland Scenics785-174Field Grass Medium Green4.45
Woodland Scenics785-176Flowering Foliage Yellow4.15
Woodland Scenics785-177Flowering Foliage Purple4.15*
Woodland Scenics785-178Poly Fiber Green3.45*
Woodland Scenics785-181Clump Foliage 3 Quart Bags Brunt Grass16.05*
Woodland Scenics785-182Clump Foliage 3 Quart Bags Light Green16.69*
Woodland Scenics785-183Clump Foliage 3 Quart Bag Medium Green16.65*
Woodland Scenics785-184Clump Foliage 3 Quart Bag Dark Green16.75*
Woodland Scenics785-185Clump Foliage 3 Quart Bag Conifer Green17.99*
Woodland Scenics785-191Scenic Cement Liquid7.49*
Woodland Scenics785-198Accent Glue4.95
Woodland Scenics785-30Dead Fall4.39
Woodland Scenics785-34Turf, Extra Coarse Yeloow Grass3.29
Woodland Scenics785-36Extra Coarse Turf Light Green3.89
Woodland Scenics785-38Extra Coarse Turf Dark Green4.45*
Woodland Scenics785-39Extra Coarse Turf Conifer Green4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-41Turf Soil4.59*
Woodland Scenics785-41-CLFine Turf Soil3.25
Woodland Scenics785-42Turf Earth4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-43Turf Yellow Grass4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-44Fine Turf Burnt Grass4.45*
Woodland Scenics785-45Fine Turf Green Grass4.29
Woodland Scenics785-46Turf Weeds4.35*
Woodland Scenics785-4802Mod-u-rail Corner Module Kit185.59
Woodland Scenics785-49Blended Turf Green Blend8.49*
Woodland Scenics785-50Blended Turf Earth Blend8.75*
Woodland Scenics785-51Foliage Light Green4.35*
Woodland Scenics785-53Foliage Dark Green4.75*
Woodland Scenics785-54Foliage Conifer Green4.45*
Woodland Scenics785-57Foliage Clusters Light Green9.49*
Woodland Scenics785-58Foliage Clusters Medium Green9.19*
Woodland Scenics785-59Foliage Clusters Dark Green8.85*
Woodland Scenics785-60Coarse Turf Earth4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-61Coarse Turf Yellow Grass4.45*
Woodland Scenics785-62Coarse Turf Burnt Grass4.59*
Woodland Scenics785-63Coarse Turf Light Green4.15*
Woodland Scenics785-64Coarse Turf Medium Green4.35*
Woodland Scenics785-65Coarse Turf Dark Green3.99*
Woodland Scenics785-77Ballast Iron Ore Medium4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-78Ballast Dark Brown Medium4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-79Ballast Brown Medium4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-80Ballast Medium Buff4.39*
Woodland Scenics785-81Ballast Medium Light Gray4.35*
Woodland Scenics785-82Ballast, Medium Gray4.39
Woodland Scenics785-83Ballast Cinders Medium4.19*
Woodland Scenics785-85Ballast Coarse Dark Brown4.25*
Woodland Scenics785-928Mountain Valley Scenery Kit95.99
Woodland Scenics785-951Rock Faces Learning Kit16.09*
Woodland Scenics785-951-CLRock Faces Learning Kit13.99
Woodland Scenics785-952Roads & Pavements Learning Kit16.09*
Woodland Scenics785-952-CLRoads & Payments Learning Kit13.99
Woodland Scenics785-953Trees Learning Kit16.09*
Woodland Scenics785-954Landscaping Learning Kit16.09*
Woodland Scenics785-955River/Waterfall Learning Kit16.09*
Woodland Scenics785-956Scenery Details Learning Kit16.09*
Woodland Scenics785-D215Scenic Details-Chicken Coop13.25
Woodland Scenics785-D220-CLScenic Details-Daniels Outfitters15.99
Woodland Scenics785-D221-CLScenic Details-Pharmacy15.99
Woodland Scenics785-D222-CLScenic Details-Ticket Office15.99
Woodland Scenics785-D248Scenic Details-Street & Traffic Lights11.95
Woodland Scenics785-M104-CLMini Scene-The Hunter13.99
Woodland Scenics785-M105-CLMini Scene-The Sign Painter13.99
Woodland Scenics785-M106-CLMini Scene-The Tack Shed12.99
Woodland Scenics785-M108-CLMini Scene-Outhouse Mischief11.99
Woodland Scenics785-M109-CLMini Scene-Ernie's Fruit Stand13.99
Woodland Scenics785-M110-CLMini Scene-Saturday Night Bath 13.99
Woodland Scenics785-RG5122Green Grass Vinyl Mat 50" x 100"29.95
Woodland Scenics785-RG5151Ready Grass Road Kit13.15*
Woodland Scenics785-RG5152Ready Grass Landscape Kit17.95*
Woodland Scenics785-RG5153Ready Grass Vinyl Mat Water Kit14.09*
Woodland Scenics785-RG5154Ready Grass Vinyl Mat Tree Kit25.65


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Atlas150-701Elevated Gate Tower Kit7.59*
Atlas150-702Trackside Shanty Kit7.69*
Atlas150-703Water Tower Kit8.45*
Atlas150-704Signal Tower Kit10.49*
Atlas150-705Telephone Shanty & Pole Kit5.39*
Atlas150-706Passenger Station Kit13.99*
Atlas150-707Station Platform Kit6.49*
Atlas150-709HO Roundhouse29.09
Atlas150-711Kate's Colonial Home24.15
Atlas150-712Barb Bungalow Kit24.15
Atlas150-713Kim's Classic American Home24.69
Atlas150-715Refreshment Stand Kit7.99
Atlas150-720Maywood Station28.95
Atlas150-721Middlesec Manufacturing Company36.99
Atlas150-750Lumber Yard & Office Kit12.59*
Atlas150-760Roadside Restaurant Kit12.15*
Atlas150-774Hairpin Fence4.45
Atlas150-77512 Telephone poles4.79*
Atlas150-776Picket Fence and Gate4.79*
Atlas150-7773- Rail Fence & Gate4.15*
Atlas150-791Stacked Lumber4.45*
Atlas150-80Pier Over'N' Under (47 Piece Set)14.35
Atlas150-81Pier 3" Bridge (4 Piece)3.69
Atlas150-883Warren Truss Bridge6.69*
Atlas150-884Deck Bridge Kit6.49*
Atlas150-885Bridge, Plate Girder Kit5.75
Branchline TrainsBT-680HO Creamery-Laser Cut79.39
Central Valley210-1903Plate Girder Bridge17.99
Design Preservation Models805-101Kelly's Saloon23.49
Design Preservation Models805-103Cutting's Scissor Co.21.99
Design Preservation Models805-107Freight Depot21.59
Design Preservation Models805-113Carol's Corner Café25.05
Design Preservation Models805-1181st National Bank25.05
Design Preservation Models805-120Front Street Building25.05
Design Preservation Models805-402Whitewater Brewing73.99
Heljn322-1001-CLWater Tower Kit22.99
KanamodelKANA-1005Canadian Pacific Section House44.95
KanamodelKANA-1007Canadian National Fourth Class Station74.25
Model Power490-1500Building under Demolition N Scale23.69
Model Power490-1541Burned House N Scale23.69
Model Power490-2576Wine & Cheese29.99
Model Power490-320Conveyor w/ industries accessories25.29
Model Power490-404Small Freight Station17.39
Model Power490-425-CLHouse with Garage18.99
Model Power490-426Rooming House20.39
Model Power490-445-CLCitibank20.00
Model Power490-449Building on Fire31.55
Model Power490-465Heinz Pickle Factory32.19
Model Power490-466Burned Townhouse26.85
Model Power490-472Baldy's Barber Shop29.99
Model Power490-475Ice Cream Parlour29.99
Model Power490-486-CLHaunted House15.00
Model Power490-544Luigi's Trattoria22.09
Model Power490-586Haunted House28.05
Model Power490-612Railroad Platforms26.85
Model Power490-613Church23.89
Model Power490-615West End Shopping Center26.75
Model Power490-630Flashing Water Tower17.95*
Model Power 490-606Modern House26.85
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1009Click to see larger image Etched Crossing Railroad Sign3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1010Click to see larger image Current Crossing Railroad Sign3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1011Click to see larger image Road Sign5.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1012Click to see larger image Assorted Road Signs8.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1013Click to see larger image Industrial Fence5.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1014Click to see larger image Residential Fence5.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1016Click to see larger image 20 Pack of Skids6.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1020Click to see larger image Level Crossing Boards (4 Pkg)8.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1021Click to see larger image Welcome Sign4.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1022Click to see larger image Park Bench6.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1033Click to see larger image Whistle Sign2.25*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1034Click to see larger image Picnic Table6.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1035Click to see larger image Mailbox3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1036Click to see larger image 45 Degree Crossing Boards4.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1037Click to see larger image First Generation Cross Bucks3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1038Click to see larger image Rail Stop3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1039Click to see larger image Flange Way Sign2.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1040Click to see larger image Road Barricades3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1041Click to see larger image Derail and Post4.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1042Click to see larger image Out House7.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1044Click to see larger image Scenic Ties4.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1047Click to see larger image CP Whistle Post2.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1048Click to see larger image 18" RAD Crossing Boards4.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1049Click to see larger image 22" RAD Crossing Boards4.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1051Click to see larger image Mile Post2.50*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1052Click to see larger image Speed Limit Sign5.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1053Click to see larger image Yard Limit Signs5.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1055Click to see larger image Concrete Bridge4.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1058Click to see larger image Ladder3.99*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1059Click to see larger image Switch Posts CN9.89*
Osborn Model KitsRRA-1060Click to see larger image CP Switch Stands9.89*
Pike Stuff541-10Distribution Centre16.69
Pike Stuff541-1016Parking Barriers2.79
Pike Stuff541-1017Railroad Crossbucks with Decals (4)4.95
Pike Stuff541-103Piping & Mechanical Contractors Building22.25
Pike Stuff541-11Office Show Room Add-on8.85
Pike Stuff541-13Highway Guard Rails (6)6.29*
Pike Stuff541-15Shop with Add-on Office22.65
Pike Stuff541-163 Size Modern Yard Office10.85
Pike Stuff541-17Loading Dock w/ramp5.19
Pike Stuff541-18Diamond Tool & Engineering17.25
Pike Stuff541-192Fire Station-Red16.15
Pike Stuff541-201Tri Star Industries19.49*
Pike Stuff541-4The Warehouse17.65
Pike Stuff541-5Yard Utility Building7.09
Pike Stuff541-5000Modern Small Engine House12.19*
Pike Stuff541-5002Modern 2 Story Office Building13.89
Pike Stuff541-5003Tire Shack7.15
Pike Stuff541-5005Multi-Purpose Building12.69
Pike Stuff541-5006Contractors Building15.45
Pike Stuff541-5007Atkinson Engine Facility25.99*
Pike Stuff541-6Tool & Handcar Shed6.09*
Pike Stuff541-7Retail Store & Warehouse24.29
Pike Stuff541-8Engine house 1or2 Doors21.69
Pike Stuff541-9Service Garage-Machine Shop22.25
Rix Products628-102Highway OverPass 50' w/Pier13.79
Rix Products628-103150' Vintage Highway Overpass45.15
Rix Products628-112Modern Highway Overpass with Pier12.79
Rix Products628-113Modern 150' Overpass38.99
Rix Products628-122Overpass 50" Wrought Iron w/Pier14.35
Rix Products628-200Rural timber Overpass17.29*
Rix Products628-201Clapboard House13.25*
Rix Products628-202Clapboard House with Front Porch13.25*
Rix Products628-203Maxwell Avenue Home13.25*
Rix Products628-204HO Brick Porch with Roof7.25
Rix Products628-250Old Henderson Warehouse46.85
Rix Products628-251Board & Batten #113.29
Rix Products628-304Grain Bin 33' Corrugated17.99*
Rix Products628-305Grain Bin 44ft. Corrugated20.25
Rix Products628-32Railroad Telephone Poles5.75*
Rix Products628-407Grain Elevator 90ft with Loader17.75
Rix Products628-410Quonset Hut13.55
Rix Products628-50560' Water Tank with Peak Top16.65
Smalltown USA699-6001Mike's Market13.79
Smalltown USA699-6002Tony's Gym13.25
Smalltown USA699-6003Jessica's Salon12.65
Smalltown USA699-6004Madelene's Deli12.79
Smalltown USA699-6005Dime Store11.99
Smalltown USA699-6006Hardware Store13.85
Smalltown USA699-6007Cab Company14.25
Smalltown USA699-6008Freight Office13.85
Smalltown USA699-6009Roy's Fix-It Shop13.25
Smalltown USA699-6010Sally's Antiques13.79
Smalltown USA699-6011John's Place13.85
Smalltown USA699-6012Helen's Country Kitchen12.19
Smalltown USA699-6013Vivan's Family Shoe Store13.35*
Smalltown USA699-6014Old Indian Tobacco Shop13.19
Smalltown USA699-6015Furniture Showroom18.99
Smalltown USA699-6016Marcee's Flower Shop14.99*
Smalltown USA699-6017Drug Store13.15
Smalltown USA699-6018Parcel Delivery Service14.99
Smalltown USA699-6019Cycle Repair Shop13.85
Smalltown USA699-6020Appliance Mart17.95
Smalltown USA699-6021Kevin's Toy Store13.25
Smalltown USA699-6022Bonnie B. Boutique14.99
Smalltown USA699-6023Hal's Hobbies13.35*
Smalltown USA699-6024Buck's Book Shop12.99
Smalltown USA699-6025Freytag's Furnace Co.14.19
Smalltown USA699-6027Vicky's 39.89
Smalltown USA699-6028Rusty's Graphic Arts17.85
Smalltown USA699-7000City Sidewalks (6)4.95*
Walthers933-3011Central Gas & Supply28.99
Walthers933-3020R.J. Frost Ice & Storage38.25
Walthers933-3035Interstate Fuel; & Oil Gas Station21.99
Walthers933-3043Steel Water Tank34.45
Walthers933-3063Clarkesville Depot33.25
Walthers933-3138Concrete Street System17.89
Walthers933-3165Shop Building #141.35

Thomas The Tank Engine

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Ertl31-4388CLFat Controllers Car5.00
Ertl31-4490CLSodor Soft Side Truck5.00
Ertl31-4822CLSodor Mail Van6.00


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Excel813-70003Mini Pin Vise W/12 Asst'd Drills17.45

Track And Accessories

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Atlas150-168Flex Track3.95*
Atlas150-170Rail Joiners 4 doz2.55*
Atlas150-17119 Degree Crossing7.49*
Atlas150-17225 Degree Crossing8.35*
Atlas150-17330 Degree Crossing8.65*
Atlas150-17445 Degree Crossing8.39*
Atlas150-17560 Degree Crossing8.65*
Atlas150-17690 Degree Crossing8.69*
Atlas150-17712-1/2 Degree Crossing7.95
Atlas150-201Spade Connectors - #34.09
Atlas150-210Twin Switch Control Box7.65*
Atlas150-215Sector Electrical8.79
Atlas150-2540Track Nails4.25*
Atlas150-281#4 Turnout-Left13.95*
Atlas150-282#4 Turnout-Right13.95*
Atlas150-283#6 Turnout-Left13.69*
Atlas150-284#6 Turnout-Right13.69*
Atlas150-304Turntable Motor26.25
Atlas150-305Turntable 23.89
Atlas150-3125 Conductor Ribbon Wire 50 Feet21.29
Atlas150-315Layout Wire-Black7.85
Atlas150-316Layout Wire-Red7.85
Atlas150-319Layout Wire-Blue7.85
Atlas150-361Templates, HO Track Planning4.55
Atlas150-500001Turnout Throw Bars (4)1.99
Atlas150-52Left Remote Switch Machine9.85*
Atlas150-53Right Remote Switch Machine9.85*
Atlas150-55Plastic Rail Joiners 2 doz1.55*
Atlas150-56Switch Control Box4.25*
Atlas150-65Switch Machine-Under Table9.29
Atlas150-8219" Straight Section (6)5.99*
Atlas150-8226" Straight Section (4)3.35
Atlas150-8233" Straight Section (4)3.19*
Atlas150-8251-1/2" Straight Sections (4)3.25*
Atlas150-83115" Radius Section (6)5.59*
Atlas150-8321/2-15" radius Curve (4)3.45*
Atlas150-83318" Radius Section (6) 6.15*
Atlas150-834Curved 1/2 18" Radius (4)3.25*
Atlas150-8351/3-18" Radius Section (4)3.25*
Atlas150-83622" Radius Section (6)6.15*
Atlas150-8409" Straight Terminal Section3.59*
Atlas150-842Terminal Joiners2.79*
Atlas150-843Bumpers - 2 Pieces3.35*
Atlas150-844Rerailer (3)7.09*
Atlas150-84518" Radius Terminal Section4.35*
Atlas150-847Straight Track Assortment4.19*
Atlas150-850Left Remote Snap Switch18.55*
Atlas150-851Right Remote Snap Switch18.55*
Atlas150-860Track, Snap Switch Manual Left11.95*
Atlas150-861Track, Snap Switch Manual Right11.95*
Atlas150-88Atlas Starter Set 42.95*
Bachmann160-44511EZ Track Straight 9" Grey Roadbed12.59
Bachmann160-44561EZ Track Turnout Left Hand Remote Grey Roadbed22.09
Caboose Industries097-202Ground Throw3.19*
Caboose Industries097-204Ground Throw6.05
Caboose Industries097-210Ground Throw5.25
Caboose Industries097-218Ground Throw3.79
Caboose Industries097-220Ground Throw5.09
Centerline Products60161Knurled Brass Roller9.99
Centerline Products60216Roller Covers4.99
Circuitron800-6000Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Machine21.79
Kato381-1060011Kato Train Set F3 w/unitrack Santa Fe210.39
Kato381-20132Curved Track-45 Degree, 13 3/4" 348 mm Radius24.99
Life Like433-1406Track Spikes4.99
Midwest472-3013Cork Roadbed-single section1.45*
Midwest472-3013BCork Roadbed 25 pieces per box32.25
Midwest Cork472-3019N Scale Cork Roadbed1.29
Peco552-PL41Rail Cleaner Block6.99*
Peco552-SL8361#6 Right Hand Turnout Insulfrog Code 8334.99
Peco552-SL8362#6 Left Hand Turnout Insulfrog Code 8334.99
Peco552-SL88Code 100 Large Radius Right Hand Switch Insulfrog27.89
Peco552-SL89Code 100 Large Radius Left Hand Switch Insulfrog29.99
Peco552-SL91Code 100 Small Radius Right Hand Turnout Insulfrog24.75
Peco552-SL95Turnout, Medium Right Hand26.95*
Peco552-SL96Turnout, Medium Left Hand26.25*
Peco552-ST244Code 100 Right Hand Double Turnout31.35
Peco552-ST245Code 100 Left Hand Double Turnout34.99
Rix Products628-2Rail-It HO Scale3.75
Rix Products628-3N Scale Rail it1.99
Trains Canada1-3052Track Cleaner-Fits 40' Trains Canada Box Cars9.95*
Trains Canada1-3053Track Cleaner-Fits 40' Athearn Box Cars9.95*
Trains Canada1-3054Track Cleaner-Fits 50' Athearn Box Cars9.95*
Trains Canada1-310940' CP Box Car-Track Cleaning Car with Pad27.95
Xuron Corp.769-2175Crafters Shear15.25
Xuron Corp.769-2175BTrack Cutters15.25*
Xuron Corp.769-410TSprue Cutters11.89

Train Sets

ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Bachmann160-642Thomas with Annie & Clarabel 74.39
Bachmann643Percy and the Troublesome Trucks Electric74.39
County Line Custom364-1000Standard Accessory Kit72.99
County Line Custom364-2000Deluxe Accessory Kit127.59
County Line Custom364-31-OClick to see larger image DT&I GP40-2 Train Set with Oval of Track169.99
County Line Custom364-31-SClick to see larger image DT&I GP40-2 Train Set with Starter Set of Track188.92
County Line Custom364-32-OClick to see larger image Santa Fe F7A Train Set with Oval of Track142.95
County Line Custom364-32-SClick to see larger image Santa Fe F7A Train Set with Starter Set of Track162.95
Miscellaneous364-BASICAccessory set Basic74.99


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Athearn140-26383Ford Model A Sport Coupe Cream9.99
Athearn140-26402Ford A Model A Sedan Green9.99
Athearn140-26420Ford Model A Pickup Black9.99
Athearn140-26422Ford Model A Pickup Green9.99
Athearn140-26423Ford Model A Pickup Cream9.99
Athearn140-26424Ford Model A Pickup Tan9.99
Athearn140-815808RTR Bakery Dumpsters Truck25.95
Athearn140-93132Union Carbide Mack Truckw/45' trailer RTR31.45
Athearn 140-26384Ford Model A Sport Coupe Tan9.99
Boley185-2013Farm-Grain Trailer1.49
Boley185-300536GMC Flatbed Truck7.35
Boley185-301286GMC Water Tank 17.79
Boley2001-1Construction-Crawler Red2.45
Boley2002-1Construction Road Roller-Red2.45
Boley2002-9Road Roller2.59
Boley2012-11Farm-Tanker Trailer1.49
Boley2021-0Pick Up Truck-Olive Drab2.49
Boley2021-5Pick Up Truck-Green2.49
Boley2022-1Sports Utility, SUV Red2.89
Boley2022-2Sports Utility, SUV Blue2.89
Boley2022-7Sports Utility, SUV White2.89
Boley2023-17Cement Truck, Kenworth, 3 Axle Red&White3.05
Boley2023-7Sedan, Rescue Cruiser-White3.05
Boley2038-8Farm Wagon, With 2 Logs-Yellow2.09
Boley2040-1Tanker Trailer-Red2.05
Boley2042-8Construction Truck-Green3.29
Boley2043-17Cement Truck, Kenworth, 3 Axle3.05
Boley2043-77Cement Truck, Kenworth, 3 Axle White3.05
Boley2069-00Fire Chief, Chevrolet Caprice-Red2.89
Boley2200-13Fire Truck, Pumper S&S Flat Nose-Red & Black11.19
Boley2204-11Fire Truck, S&S Haz Material-Red11.20
Boley2401-1Semi Tractor, Ford 9000, 3 Axle-Red6.65
Boley2401-2Semi Tractor, Ford 9000, 3 Axle6.65
Boley2402-2Tractor, Ford Aeromax 9000-Blue6.65
Boley2404-11Pick Up Ford F-150 Red7.20
Boley3001-17Van, GMC 2003, Drywall9.60
Boley3006-27Flat Bed Tow Truck-GMC9.59
Boley3012-86GMC Top kick Tanker17.79
Boley4010-17Fire Truck, Navistar, Pumper-Red & White8.65
Boley4102-88International 5-ton Truck10.49
Boley4128-12International 5 Ton Truck7.65
Boley4132-88Utility Truck-Yellow8.19
Boley4134-77Beverage Truck9.59
Boley4200-88School Bus-International17.99
Boley4573-13Fire Truck, Utility, Int'l 7000-Red & Black9.49
BoleyBOL-006-88Construction Dump Truck Yellow/White2.99
BoleyBOL-2005-8Cement Truck yellow/yellow3.05
BoleyBOL-2006-1Construction Dump Truck Red/Red2.99
BoleyBOL-2006-87Construction Dump Truck Yellow/White2.99
BoleyBOL-2006-ODMilitary Dump Truck 2.99
BoleyBOL-2008-1Stake Truck Red/Red2.49
BoleyBOL-2008-ODMilitary Stake Truck Military Green2.49
BoleyBOL-2026-4Semi Tractor, Kenworth Cab-Grey3.39
BoleyBOL-2026-5Semi Tractor, Kenworth Cab-Green3.39
BoleyBOL-2026-8Semi Tractor , Kenworth Cab Yellow3.39
BoleyBOL-2026-ODSemi Tractor Military Green Cab3.39
Excel813-55510Dome of Drills60-80 (20 Asst'd)31.89
Model Power490-19130Mini Cooper Yellow/Black Roof4.75
Model Power490-19131Mini Cooper Blue/Black Roof4.75
Model Power490-19132Mini Cooper Red/Black Roof4.75
Model Power490-19160VW Bus Red/White4.79
Model Power490-19161VW Bus Blue/White4.95
Model Power490-19170VW Bettle Tan5.79
Model Power490-19171VW Bettle Mint Green4.89
Model Power490-19172VW Bettle Red4.15
Model Power490-19219Mercedes-Benz/Dodge Sprinter Van EMS5.39
Model Power490-19220Dodge Sprinter Van Yellow5.79
Model Power490-19221Mercedes-Benz/Dodge Sprinter Van White4.15
Model Power490-19222Mercedes-Benz/Doge Sprinter Fed Ex Express5.39
Model Power490-19223Mercedes-Benz/Dodge Sprinter Fed Ex Home Delivery5.39
Model Power490-192301956 Ford F-100 Pickup Black 4.95
Model Power490-192311956 Ford F-100 Pickup Red4.95
Model Power490-192321956 Ford F-100 Pickup Light Tan4.95
Model Power490-19240Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 with Snow Plow6.69
Model Power490-192421956 Ford F-100 Pickup Aqua5.25
Model Power490-192451964 1/2 Ford Mustang White5.59
Model Power490-192461964 1/2 Ford Mustang Red5.59
Model Power490-192471964 1/2 Ford Mustang Green6.05
Model Power490-192481963 Ford Thunderbird Red5.85
Model Power490-192491963 Thunderbird Black4.95
Model Power490-192541969 Oldsmobile 442 Gold0.00
Model Power490-192551969 Oldsmobile 442 White6.35
Model Power490-192561969 Oldsmobile 442 Red6.25
Model Power490-192581957 Corvette5.09
Model Power490-192802003 Dodge Viper RT 10 Blue0.00
Model Power490-193302004 BMW X-5 Truck4.75
Model Power490-193652004 Mercedes-Benz ML Class4.75
Model Power490-19370VW Bettle RSI5.55
Model Power490-19371VW30 1937 White4.15
Model Power490-19373VW30 1937 Brown4.15
Model Power490-19390White Crown Victoria 2005 Police Lights5.25
Model Power490-19391Crown Victoria 2005 White5.25
Model Power490-193932005 Crown Victoria Taxi4.35
Model Power490-194001963 Mercedes Benz L319 Blue4.15
Model Power490-194301961 Jaguar XKE4.79
Model Power490-19670VW Karmann Ghia Black with Trailer7.75
Model Power490-19680VW Bus Red w/Camper Trailer7.75


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Model Power490-19690Porsche 365B Blue w/camper6.69


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Promotex21-6170Mom's Bakery Delivery Van15.95
Promotex21-6209Feed the Children Tractor & Trailer19.95
Promotex21-6263Blizzard Queen Tractor & Trailers39.95
Promotex21-6293Ptrblt/Flatbe Extreme Racing39.95
Promotex21-6348K T-600 Blue/Red Cattle Trailer21.95
Trains Canada1-901Econo Car, 4 Pack12.95*
Trains Canada41-1001HO Chevy Suburban CP-Yellow18.79
Trains Canada41-1001bHO Chevy Surburban CP Orange18.79
Trains Canada41-1005Dodge Pick-up CP Rail Yellow15.95
Trains Canada41-1006Dodge Pick-up CN (Orange)15.95


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Rail Time RT-AEOAdventures in Eastern Ontario Vol.119.99
Rail Time RT-BOMBranchlines of Midwestern Ontario-Final Days & New Beginnings19.99
Rail Time RT-BVJ1Bayview Junction Vol 119.99
Rail Time RT-BVJ2Bayview Junction Vol 219.99
Rail Time RT-CN1Canadian National Bala Sub Part 119.99
Rail Time RT-CNSWOCN in Southwestern Ontario19.99
Rail Time RT-CP1CP Mactier & Parry Sound Subs Part 119.99
Rail Time RT-CP2CP Mactier & Parry Sound Subs Vol 219.99
Rail Time RT-CPSWOCP in Southwestern Ontario19.99
Rail Time RT-MLWALCO's of MLW and Bombardier-The Last Years19.99
Rail Time RT-WCRTWestern Canada: The Return Trip19.99
Rail Time RT-WCTWWestern Canada: The Trip West19.99


ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
Accurail112-100Bettendorf Trucks3.85
Accurail112-102Roller Bearing Trucks4.45
Atlas150-18500050 Ton Bettendorf Trucks4.49
Atlas150-190000Caboose Trucks5.15
Atlas150-195000100 Ton Roller Bearing Trucks5.35
Jay Bee369-107Jay Bee Wheelsets 28"7.99
Kadee380-502Bettendorf w/ Couplers (PR)10.29
Kadee380-516Trucks, Vulcan w/ couplers (PR)11.45
Kadee380-52333" Dia 523 Ribbed Back Freight Car wheel sets11.65*
Proto 2000433-21257Wheelsets 36"8.09
Proto 2000433-21258Wheelsets 33"8.09
Proto 2000433-2125933" Rib Back Wheel Sets (12)8.09*
Proto 2000433-2125933" Ribbed Back Wheel Sets8.00
Proto 2000920-2125736" Wheel Sets7.75
Proto 2000920-2125833" Flat Back Wheel Sets7.75
Proto 2000920-2125933" Ribbed Back Wheel Sets7.75

* - Denotes items which may also be found at the Waterloo Pick-Up location.

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