County Line Caboose Products

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(Last updated on January 14, 2016)


 ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
 Bachmann160-42102Telephone Poles (12)6.25
 Bachmann160-46202Gandy Dancer Powered Hand Car-Standard DC-Various Colors34.79
 Classic Metal Works221-2021055 Gallon Drum Truck Load (2)11.15
 Classic Metal Works221-20213Stack of 50-Pound Sacks Truck Load (2)UnknownBackordered
 Woodland Scenics Co785-5770Power Supply24.99

Adhesives And Lubricants

 ManufacturerProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
 Aero-Car Hobby LubricantsAER-ACT6006Track & Rail cleaner 8 fl. oz9.29
 Aero-Car Hobby LubricantsAER-ACT-6006Track Cleaner and Contact Enhancer 8oz9.29
 Bob Smith IndustriesBSI-101Insta-Cure Super Thin CA Glue 1/2 oz5.25Backordered
 Bob Smith IndustriesBSI-111Maxi Cure Extra Thick CA Glue 1/2oz5.25
 Bob Smith IndustriesBSI-151Instaset CA Accelerator 2oz Spray Bottle7.79
 Faller Gmbh272-170494Expert Laser Glue-Multi Purpose9.39
 Mascot Precision Tools230-752Gel Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel Tube4.99
 Plastruct570-2Plastruct Weld 2 oz.7.25
 Plastruct570-3Bondene Plastic Solvent Cement 2oz6.85
 Squadron/Signal Publications680-9055Green Putty 2.3 oz5.99
 Sylvan Scale ModelsSY-001Resin Prep4.95
 Testors704-3501Cement for Plastic Models 18ml tube1.99
 Testors704-8872Model Master Liquid AdhesiveUnknownBackordered
 Walthers Goo904-299Goo Tube 1 oz6.59
Walthers Goo904-470Solvaset 2 oz. Decal Snuggler7.85




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